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Mini Triathlon Training Schedule

Setting up a Mini Triathlon Training Routine

NOV 27 2009

A mini-triathlon, though it is a scaled down version of a triathlon, still requires the same performance from the athlete.

In order to arrive at an optimal performance, one needs to devote time to an effective training routine. Find out what things one has to consider when setting up a mini triathlon training routine.

A mini-triathlon is a toned down version of a full-sized triathlon. This is mostly designed for beginners in order to acclimate them to what a real triathlon has in store for them. However, just like a full-sized triathlon, the mini-triathlon still needs constant training and practice in order for a beginner to successfully compete in the game.

There’s no better way of preparing for a mini-triathlon than devising a very effective training schedule for the athlete. Triathlons require great endurance and impressive skill in all three events that make up the whole competition. To develop these features, you need a mini-triathlon training schedule specially tailored for your needs.

Here are some ways in which you can create the customized mini-triathlon schedule that will develop your skills for the event.

Mind Your Weaknesses and Strengths

One important feature of mini-triathlon training schedule is that it addresses your weaknesses so that you are able to develop that side of you for the event. At the same time, it allows you to refine your strengths so that they can be improved or you can keep up with your performance.

To do that, you would need to find out what your weaknesses and strengths are. If you are weak in stamina, you might want to include more warm-ups and endurance training especially in the cycling part. On the other hand, if you are not confident about your output time in swimming, you could try putting in more time for training your swimming skills in your whole mini-triathlon training routine.

In other words, know yourself first. Find out what things you can do, and what you are having difficulty doing so you can train yourself more towards that end.

Set Goals

A training schedule always has a goal. You cannot keep up with a routine if you don’t have set goals. Otherwise, you will just slack off and take the training for granted. There are a variety of goals that you can set for your training routine and that would include lap time, endurance, performance and many others. Once you have this goal set, you now have the motivation to stick to your training routine despite the apparent difficulties you will be facing.

Know Your Schedule

Last but not the least, find a vacant spot in your schedule that you can use for your triathlon training. Dividing time between the three events could be a good idea. You could spend one day on one event, and the next day for the other. Whatever your schedule is, make sure you can maximize the amount of training you get. Don’t forget to take some break time as well to avoid injuries.

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