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Mizuno Nirvana Running Shoe Review

Buying Mizuno Nirvana Shoes

MAR 29 2010

Mizuno Nirvana running shoe review brings to the fore the various advanced features of Mizuno Nirvana Shoes. They are designed differently for both men and women.

These shoes come with Mesh Nylon Upper, Doublle Wave Technology, Smooth Ride features which makes these shoes worth buying. The knees also do not hurt after wearing these shoes, which sometimes is possible in other shoes.

Mizuno Wave Nirvana running shoe is one of the best shoes available for runners. It is more of a running shoe and less of a training shoe. It is one of the perfect shoes for wearing on the road and is also regarded as a stability trainer. It helps to keep you physically active as you can now walk long distances with ease and comfort.

Features of Mizuno Nirvana Running Shoes

There are a number of advanced features which make them one of the most sought brands amongst the large number of other brand shoes available. The shoes come with a comfortable fit as they are provided with a Mesh Nylon Upper. So you can run for long miles without having to worry about the shoe and your feet will also be relaxed rather than getting strained. The nylon upper is also provided support with the help of synthetic leather. The shoes are provided with breathability features and that makes it all the more appropriate to wear even in all weather conditions.

How the Mizuno Nirvana Shoes are Different

These shoes are also provided with the Double wave technology, this makes it different from the rest of the Mizuno Nirvana shoes, it comes with a synthesis of motion control and cushioning system and hence makes them much better than others. Keeping in view the basic fact that all the body’s weight fall on the feet, the shoe makers have designed these shoes in such a manner that the heel area is protected from the strains. So as a measure of protection, the heel area is provided with cushioning system made with the help of thermoplastic elastomer. This provides compression to the heel area and thus you are able to withstand shock with ease.

In order to make your run as smooth as possible these shoes come with special Smooth Ride feature so that your performance is not affected at any cost. These shoes are basically considered to be ideal running shoes for heavy runners. Those people who have low arches and whose feet overpronate may also find these shoes fit to use. These shoes are a lot stiffer than Wave Inspire 5. The Mizuno Nirvana running shoes come for both men and women and keeping in view the difference between the feet of the two they are provided with different midsoles. Since the women are likely to pronate more than men so their shoes are provided with a wider flex grooves. On the other hand the shoes meant for men are provided with greater cushioning system at the forefoot.

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