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Mizuno Wave Creation Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Creation Running Shoes Review

OCT 20 2010

Mizuno wave creation running shoes review reveals that are quite appreciated by the runners across the world for their cushioning and comfort. Mizuno wave creation running shoes are having a number of features and they are made up of the latest technologies like they are having effective cooling in the shoes, they are durable and consist of air mesh features.

Mizuno wave creation is basically a neutral running shoe which has been specifically designed for heavy runners, so all the light weight runners should primarily try not to wear these shoes. However these running shoes have been getting a good review from the runners who regard it as one of the most stable and durable running shoes which are available for them in the market today. These shoes are available for both men and women runners.

Features of Mizuno Wave Running Shoes

They have been designed for heavy runners so they are having one of the best known cushioning to help the heavy foot. They are able to absorb the shocks as well. They are made up of firm heel due to which not much pressure is laid on the knees and ankles of the runners during the running for long hours.

Two plastic plates too have been added in the midsole. However one of the negative reviews which has often been coming of these shoes is that the heel plate is known to wear out very fast.

The shoes have been structured in a way which prevents the wearing or rolling of the runner’s feet. It also provides cushioning to the feet. It is known to avoid pronation also.

Review of the Runners

The Mizuno wave creation is also quite popular due to its Dynamotion fit. There is solid rubber foot in these shoes which make them quite different from all its competitors. The runners have very much appreciated these shoes owing to their style and comfort. The good reviews which have been coming of these shoes is that they do not lead to any shin splits in the runners. The runners are also saved from knee pain, blisters and ankle pain as well after they run wearing these shoes.

With Mizuno wave creation you can always be comfortable and it is not at all a waste of your money. The soles are designed in a different manner for both the men and women runners depending upon their feet type. The soles of the men shoes are quite wider than that of women. Due to the Intercool technology which is present in these shoes your feet will always feel cool and hence you can wear them even in the extreme of the climatic conditions also.
Owing to the Airemesh features in these shoes, it makes them quite breathable. These are available in different colours to choose from like white, blue, lime and more.

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