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Morning or Afternoon Running is Better

When to Run - Morning or Afternoon?

MAY 30 2008

For many fitness experts it matters less what you like best, be it morning or afternoon running. What matters more are the program and pattern of exercising and running.

Each body make up is different. Some will perform better with morning running while others will perform better with afternoon running.

Some bodies do well with exercise before breakfast while other body types may reap harmful effects from that. It is important for you to know what your body needs. It is best to seek the advice of an expert before attempting to start yourself on a regular morning or afternoon running program.

But there are indeed a few added benefits to morning running. Morning runs definitely increase your metabolic rates so you are able to burn targeted fat more during the run and even afterwards. For those who routinely have stressful working days, an afternoon run would do well to expend negative energy and to release stress. Also, afternoon running helps burn those unwanted calories and carbs your body takes in during the day.

Early morning runs also take advantage of natureís perks. Thereís just something about early morning fresh air that clears oneís mind and rejuvenates oneís body. Take advantage of clearer air which is pollution free, and bask in healthy sunshine.

For those who have unpredictable schedules, morning runs may be best for them. Prioritize your run. Get it over with before you proceed with your daily tasks. This way, you ensure regularity. If you postpone a run till late afternoon you may be unable to squeeze it in amidst your busy schedule.

Consider how your body responds to a running schedule. If you feel energized after a run, then do that in the mornings. Morning running will do much to help you get through your day by supplying bursts of energy. However, if you observe that runs tend to relax you causing you to desire to turn in early, then do that in the afternoon. Afternoon running will help you cool down and turn in early for a good nightís rest.

For others, a combination may be best. A shorter run time in the morning combined with a longer run time in the afternoon on a daily basis will surely boost your energy and health. If your schedule can afford that kind of routine, that may best balance energy levels in your body. Not expending too much energy in the mornings can help you get your daily work done. With renewed energy by lunch time, you may find yourself more able to sustain longer running times in the afternoons.

Always couple your running program with a good diet and lifestyle. Donít expect to survive through your runs if you donít take in the right nutrients. Avoid vices or best, abstain from them completely. Load up on healthy calories so you are sufficiently energized not only throughout the run but throughout the day.

Whether morning or afternoon, a running program will accomplish your health goals if done consistently. Know your bodyís actual preference and follow that. If you do your running conveniently and comfortably then you would be able to stick with that running program for a long time.

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