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Most Common Walking Mistakes

Avoid Common Walking Mistakes

SEP 24 2009

Careful Approach is a must in walks. Every walker tries for faster stride and naturally inclines for moving forward and attaining better score but this shouldn’t be at the cost of harming body for that upfront activity. Every move counts hence your movement going further with foot forward should remain stress free. Don’t let awkwardness and ungainly gait dominate you by striking hard when you walk. Possibility of your shins being hurt remains abundant. Take shorter and quicker steps while walking faster and concentrate on specific schedules.

Out of the many common walking mistakes there can be some which you hardly consider an error but they overpower you when you encounter related problems thereafter.

Walkers should have to find out basic mistakes which translate into blunders if not taken care of at the right moment. Do remember though that not all walking shoe is fit for walking. Such shoes may become cause of muscle pull or knee problems hence one must follow careful approach. See whether your shoes are light or heavy. Choose lightweight items to keep possible problems afar. Try to avoid stiff soles which don’t bend and you don’t feel comfort in them.

Maintain balance of body by keeping your arms at your sides while walking. Most often walkers do blunder by swinging arms through bending. It is completely wrong approach. Your hands might get swelled in walking hence make this an easy exercise by providing best possible comfort to your body. Usually arms counterbalance leg motions.

Proper Posturing: Bad posture spoils your walking schedule and you are really not in a position to enjoy the qualitative benefits it may provide you. Good posturing on the other hands helps you enjoy smooth breathing and you remain safe from numerous body problems including backache, pain in neck and problems occurring in the shoulders. Don’t chin down while walking. This unethical step may land you in lots of problems. Be alert and keenly focus upon the street or track at least for 10 to 20 feet ahead to prevent tricky and problematic situations.

Don’t enforce unnatural curve in your back which may cause further problems. Abdominal muscles must adjust for better functioning of body. Ensure that you have been drinking enough water before, during, and after walking to keep yourself properly hydrated for the whole day. Don’t avoid drinking a glass of water for at least ten minutes before starting such walks. Taking caffeinated beverages before walking causes losing fluid which may turn you thirstier and you literally fail in enjoying best of the steps in walking.

Avoid Common Mistakes: Running too far in the beginning is harmful. Running by minutes instead of miles is always an appreciable attempt. Instant fastness invites lots of problems while you walk, so do indiscipline.

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