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Mother's Day Fun Run

Fun Run for Mother's Day

JUL 7 2010

Celebrating mother’s day with fun run is an innovative idea which is adopted by the world over. Various fun runs are organised and people take active part in the mother’s day fun run. The proceeds from these races are basically given to the charitable trusts thus the runs have a positive side apart from just the fun.

The world over mother’s day is celebrated with much fun and fervour with thousands of people taking active part in the same. Various events are organised on this day especially the fun run which is said to be one of the most entertaining event.

Queensland Fun Run

Queensland celebrates the mother’s day fun with support for breast cancer being the central theme. It invites both the men and the women to join them in the run so as to raise money for the cause. Indeed the run is basically joined by the women who participate in large majority. Since breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancers affecting women so the mother’s day fun run assumes all the more importance so as to bring about a change in the lives of those who are suffering from it.

Sportchek Miracles Mother’s Day Run

Sportchek Miracles Mother’s day run and walk is yet another interesting event. It starts from the flat route of downtown Calgary and reaches till Elbow Drive for its 5K run and with regard to its 10K run it starts from Elboya and comes back to Mission Rd. You can even sign up at the fitness fair and pick up your T shirt, bib and the timing chip from there itself. The run starts from the Calgary tower situated at the 9th Ave at around 9 a. sharp. Almost all including kids can actively take part in the run and walk. The proceeds from the run are donated to the Calgary Health trust.

The 5K run also takes place at the Greenfield Lake usually on the Sunday. You need to get yourself registered before Friday. The aim of this fun run is to celebrate the motherhood of all the mothers living in the Wilmington area. While the 1mile run begins at around 8a.m the 5k run begins at around 8.30 am. The good aspect is that it gives the awards to the winners both male and female.

The Burke Mountain in East Burke, Vermont, is known for its vast beauty and is said to be rich in flora and fauna thus making it a beautiful place. Here too, the 5K and 10 K races are organised simultaneously. Even walk is organised. The kids run too forms an interesting run before the main race begins. T-shirts too are supplied and you can register online for the run. While the kids run is free of entry fees, the students 11 years and older are allowed to take part. It makes an interesting mother’s day fun run.

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