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Motion Control Running Shoes

How to Buy Motion Control Running Shoes

MAY 16 2008

When it comes to feet condition, such of runners vary greatly. Shape and arch differ. Some have regular feet, others high arched, low arched, or flat footed. Condition, problems, and predisposition vary as well with some most prone to heel problems, overpronation, and etc.

As each runner’s foot is different so does their foot gear requirement. It is of utmost importance for a runner to know his feet type and problem predispositions and purchase gear that would best address and support his exact condition.

Various types, makes, and models of running shoes are available on the market. Sports shops, department stores, specialty stores, and online stores have large inventory on hand. Each specializes differently. Some are tailored to give good arch support, traction, and etc. You must find the specific running shoes that will give the support and asset that you need.

Firstly, know the type of feet which you have. If you have normal arches then your feet are called Neutral. If you have narrow arches, your feet are Supinate. If you have low arch or no arch (flat footed), your have overpronate feet. Each type requires a different shoe type.

So, with regards to the question, “Do you Need Motion Control Running Shoes?” Following would be a safe assessment. While neutral and supinator feet may simply require cushioned running shoes, athletes which experience overpronation are often advised to get running shoes with very good arch support. Motion control running shoes correct and control the roll of your feet since overpronation causes one’s feet to roll inwards. Heel pains, muscle pains and stiffness, leg and feet injuries can be expected if overpronators do not use the right type of running shoes. As is normally the case, overpronators require arch supported running shoes and motion control shoes which give effective feet support.

Moreover, heavy runners would do best to wear motion control running shoes. They give good stability and further support. Front and Back foot support can be expected most especially during high pressure.

Motion control shoes are firm and possess good durability. They provide for stability and proper control, remedying and countering overpronation. These shoes give good cushioning (but are not overly cushioned) and venting plus smooth running traction. They are made with firm midsoles.

Remember to choose and buy your running shoes during an afternoon. This time is best since feet expand throughout the day’s walk. Prioritize proper fitting over an appealing design. Shell out a bit more money to get the best support your feet, arch, and leg muscles will get most especially if you plan to pursue running as a regular exercise, sport, or training program.

As to brands, Rebook is known for great designs and comfort. Many Nike models provides for better motion control and support, best for long distance runners. Various Saucony brands give balanced control and support.

It is always best to consult a foot and training expert regarding foot gears. Seek the advice of an orthotics or podiatrist if you can before purchasing your first running shoes.

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