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Mountain Bike Upgrade Parts

Upgrading Bike Parts

JUL 27 2010

Upgrading bike parts is a must for the bike to remain fit and move effectively. This will help the bike parts to work efficiently. Online you can read a number of reviews as to which bike parts need to upgraded and in how much cost. Also upgradation kits are available in the market which too you can buy.

Mountain bikes needs upgradation after some amount of time just like any other bike. It is in fact quite needed also so as to enhance the life of the mountain bike as well as to give it an all new look. There are various options available through which the bike parts can be upgraded.

Bike Parts and Upgradation

Seat is one of the main bike parts which is changed most often by the bike riders, since it needs to be comfortable and due to overuse it might get torn away. Bike tires should always remain fit, so always buy new ones if there are visible any changes in the same. The bars of the bike should remain comfortable always, since they form an essential part of the bike.

The good news is that keeping in view the needs and desires of the bikers, there are a number of companies which are manufacturing the upgradation kits for the bikers.

Bike Upgradation Kits

Shimano XTR Yumeya Total Upgrade Kit- Yumeya offers upgradation kits for the cyclists which are very much in demand. This is one of the ultimate kits as far as efficiency is concerned. Cyclists have been relying on this kit for long owing to its quality level. It offers a full kit for the XTR component. But this has been heavily placed at $1195.99.

Shimano XT M775 Cassette-Chain- it has been tagged at $89.00. On the other hand, there is the Shimano XTR M975 Cassette-Chain, you stand a chance to save money when you buy this cassette which also offers you the choice of 11/32, 11/34 cassette.

Kit: Sram MTB Cassette-Chain- In this you get a chance to buy 9 speed PC-971 chain and that too at an affordable price range of just $89.

When you intend to buy or upgrade new parts you can also have a look at the various product reviews which are available online. These will give you a better information as to which parts to be upgraded and in how much cost. This is going to be easy for you so that you will know what you need to know about the different mountain bike parts.

When you upgrade the parts, opt for clipless pedals which will make your ride more comfortable than before. These are also known to improve the efficiency of the ride. You should also try to keep as much lighter as possible. You can even think of putting a bike bell which too is a good option to let others know on the road.

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