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My Best Running Shoe Ever

Best Running Shoe Buying Guide

JUL 16 2008

If you are wondering if there is a running shoe that offers you both the needed comfort and flexibility for running, then the answer is yes.

This article will introduce you to the shoe that offers not only those two needs, but a variety of other features that will improve your running experience like never before.

Everyone has different preferences for everything. One person has a different judgment for the best movie than the others. One person may not like the same brand of perfume that the other likes.

The same goes for running shoes. Everyone has a different shoe that he likes and considers perfect for his running. This preference is influenced not just by mere preference alone, but also by a person’s statistics when it comes to running.

Without any question, my best running shoe is the New Balance 902. It is perfect for almost anyone who is into the running sport. Whether you are a professional runner or someone who just loves the sport, you would find that the N902 is ideal for your needs.

The N902 is a very light baby. Every piece of it is made of lightweight materials. This includes the cushion, the inside foam and the upper breathable mesh. Made to support your weight, its inside structure is an intricate construction designed to balance weight and flex, with a bias towards the latter.

The N902 is also designed to last a lot of abuse, a lot more than other running shoes can. Parts that are prone to wear and tear are improved and reinforced for more durability. New Balance paid close attention to comfort as well. To avoid injury to your forefoot and heel median, New Balance fitted a lot more blown rubber than in any other part of the shoe. This is why I find the N902 as the most comfortable running shoe I have ever had.

In case you’re worried about tongue migration, the N902 does not have this problem like most running shoes do. This is because New Balance has inserted soft foam that is specifically positioned and a daisy-chain lace guide to avoid this problem for you. Sweaty feet is not a problem either as New Balance included a moisture-wicking fabric that lines the shoe’s tongue.

Most of all, this lovely little piece of gear is designed for all kinds of terrain. This is made possible by a lateral support system, which is basically an exoskeleton. Its snug and lean fit allows you to pound your feet on whatever ground you are running on, whether on the flat side or on the hilly terrains.

Trust me, you won’t go wrong with this wonderful trainer. It is virtually perfect, or closer to it than the other running shoes of the same weight and design. It is available in a lot of width measurements, so it is perfect for everyone with different sizes.

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