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New Balance 766 Running Shoes Review

Features of the 766 Running Shoes

FEB 26 2010

New Balance 766 running shoes have been well appreciated in the runners’ world. The features of the 766 running shoes include the cushioning system which makes the shoes extremely durable and comfortable. They are provided with a good traction system and also with water resistant features. The no slip laces will make sure that you don’t slip on the icy slopes.

The manufacturer New Balance has come out with very good running shoes keeping in view the necessities of the runners. These shoes have been winning great reviews from the entire runners’ world since they have the basic features ingrained in them which will help the runners in making their running a dream come true. These shoes are meant for the bigger runners and those who are heavy heel strikers. These shoes have high level cushioning foam called as Abzorb, in the heels which make the running smooth. The mid sole has been provided with a material which helps in resisting compression.

Features of the 766 Running Shoes

These shoes also take into account the bad weather seasons be it rains or uneven terrains since they are provided with water resistant mesh features. But these shoes are not meant for those runners who are over pronators, since they might get pain in their feet if worn over a longer period of time. So they should avoid running with these shoes. Also they are not much lighter when you wear these. These shoes are extremely comfortable and hence can be worn for longer periods of time. In fact those having knee problems can also wear these shoes as there have been many runners whose knee pain has been resolved after wearing theses shoes.

Types of Running Shoes

There are various other new balance 766 shoes which too are a must buy. These include- Aetrex Men’s Web Runner Black which are light weight and easy to wear, you can use them even for a simple walk. These are provided with a cushioning system which helps those runners which have high arches. These come at $48.69, then there are the Nike’s Air Jordan XIX SE Men’s Sport shoes which too are known for their features. Some of these shoes are also provided with a weather proof upper mesh and hence you can wear them when it is raining without any fear of getting your feet wet.

Many of these new balance shoes are meant specifically for women as well. They take into consideration the soft feet of the women. These shoes offer breathability and are comfortable to wear also. They are provided with a cushioning system and are also light weight.

The new balance 766 shoes are also provided with ‘Transitional Support’ in the heel and in forefoot. These shoes provide maximum shock absorption capacity and are extremely durable due to the superior foam. A must buy for all the passionate runners.

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