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New Balance 857 Running Shoes Review

Buying a New Balance 857 Running Shoe

MAY 18 2010

New Balance 857 is amazing replacement to its previous popular 854 series that was manufactured by this company. Newer version has gained popularity through outshining 854 series. It happened because of the addition of new technology in the most recent type. It is true that this special category of running shoes have become too popular everywhere. Uniqueness and legacy of New Balance shoes continues with the introduction of 857 series.

Considered too much fascinating and best-loved shoes from New Balance, 857 running shoes is an extension of its previous shoe products. Though runners as well as general masses too didn’t support the inception of 857 model when 854 was still working well their apprehensions vanished the moment utmost creativity of them started showing best results. Newer type of shoes is a centre of attraction that represents particular class. The doubts that haunted people faded away the sooner New Balance 857 Running Shoes were introduced. Runners didn’t have doubt because this new model was already tried and tested before its launch.

Design and Purpose

There are many crucial factors that determine basis of New Balance 857 Running Shoes differentiating them from its predecessor that had been already ruling the market. Such shoes are manufactured in peculiar manner which makes them best choice for long distance runs. Do note that if speed is the main focus of yours it is better to avoid such running shoes.

Distance matters the most when you buy New Balance 857 Running Shoes. They are unique choice for runners who enjoy great time with them. Runners run comfortably because these shoes control pronation symptoms that are common scenes nowadays.


One of the most important aspects of New Balance 857 Running Shoes that seek the attention of runners is that they are highly comfortable and satisfactory when used in the races. Such shoes are flexible as well. They come with easy to wear features. Fitting of such shoes always remains outstanding. These shoes are ultimate choices because they are not generalized categories of running shoes. The qualities that make New Balance 857 Running Shoes durable is them basing upon three major determinants which include transitional balance support system, durability and the feature of shock protection amongst others.

Mixing of the above mentioned features make New Balance 857 Running Shoes perfect choice for runners. They have stability, durability and comfortable. Dual-density medial post of shoes is excellent and best to protect arch. They have become ultimate choices of running shoes and are liked by the runners across the glob.


Most enchanting moment for New Balance 857 Running Shoes was its launch itself. There are many attractive features of these shoes which their predecessor didn’t have – though they were still popular. Runners were surprised by the new category when it surpassed others. Best quality especially longer performance has made them most sought after choices.

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