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New England Half Marathons

Half Marathons of New England

APR 13 2010

Half Marathon is one of the fast growing sports and past time for the Westerners. New England is one of those Western countries who have numerous half marathons organizing clubs.

New England is also one of the countries that are getting into half-marathons. Not only are they sports-minded, their engagements in half-marathons are closely linked to how much they value healthy living.

Here are some of the most popular New England half-marathons.

First is the Colchester Half Marathon. The race is known for being one of the most difficult with interesting loops and hill workouts. Before participating, it is very important that you measure your own strength and capacity of reaching the finish line. This applies true to other half-marathon events.

Second is the Hyannis Half Marathon. Starting from 1978, Hyannis has become of the premier half-marathons in New England. Some of the beneficiaries of this event are Mashpee Boosters Club, Cape Cod Athletic Club and Dennis-Yarmouth High School.

On the other hand, New Bedford Half Marathon is a world class race held not in roads but in loop courses which made it more convenient for spectators to watch.

Another is the Great Bay Half Marathon. Like other half-marathons, the route passes over scenic views along the road of Great Bay Estuary and of Newmarket. Rating the difficulty of the race, the course it said to be at a moderate level only.

The Oleksak Bay Half Marathon is also one of the premier half-marathon in New England with significant number of participants yearly.

Meanwhile, the Greater Danbury Half Marathon is held also on certified loop courses. It is also a scenic marathon running from Danbury to Bethel and Redding.

Comes next is the Cox Sports Half Marathon. For the year 2010, the race will start and end at Kennedy Plaza in Downtown Providence. This half-marathon do have charity partners where it shares a part of its profits.

The Big Lake Half Marathon, as the name implies, run in the shores of Lake Winnipesauke, New Hampshire. The environment is relaxing and provides a nice breathing ground for the runners. In addition, there is a live music all along the running event.

Another scenic loop course is the Iron Horse Half Marathon. It is a two loop course which starts and ends in Iron Horse Blvd. in Simsbury. If the Big Lake offers an ambience of flowing lake, the Iron Horse gives farmland scenery. They do also have beneficiaries and at the same time, they do have sponsors for putting up the event.

In countries such as New England, half marathon organizers see to it that winter is not deterrent. These different half marathons promotes different advocacies such as promoting sports activities, promoting healthy living, promoting awareness and some also do it for fund raising to support different charities and projects.

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