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Nutrition for Running a Half Marathon

Half Marathon and Nutrition

JUL 30 2010

Half marathon and nutrition go hand in hand, runners who intend to go for half marathon should also keep a check on nutrition- a balanced diet should be included in the routine. Nutrition for running a half marathon generally includes more of oats, pasta, whole grain cereals and leafy vegetables.

Runners who prepare themselves to take part in half marathon need to focus not just on their running alone rather on their diet as well. What they eat too matters a lot just like their running and exercises. In fact nutrition holds the key to success in half marathon. A runner who neglects what he is eating can in no way run and compete in half marathon successfully just like others.

What should be Eaten by a Runner

Good nutrition is required not just before the race but after the race as well. Running for long hours puts extra pressure on the body and hence body requires extra energy and drinks which comes through proper eating and drinking. Right intake of food is needed to keep the body toned and to provide the required amount of energy to the body.

You need to eat only those foods which your body likes rather than eating something which is not adjustable to your body. Before the run, you need to increase more and more of carbohydrates in your diet. This will keep your blood glucose level high during the run and hence you will be able to run more effectively.

You need to take more and more of sports drinks during your practice sessions and at the time of running also, along with water. This is to ensure that your body never becomes dehydrated. Almost after every half an hour you should sip some drink.

Apart from this, you also need to take calcium and vitamin D in your diet. This will keep your bones strong enough as well as prevent falls. There is no denying of the fact that runners are more prone to falling and hurting themselves during the running. This often leads to damage of the muscles and fractures in the bones. But if you have been consistently taking vitamin supplements along with calcium you can save your body from serious damages.

You need to eat more and more of a balanced diet. Thus carbohydrate rich food should be taken more, this acts as an ultimate fuel for the runners. Include more and more of pasta, whole grain cereals, oats, nuts, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Foods to be Avoided

Just before the run you need to avoid any spicy or oily food, don’t take high protein rich food since they take time to digest, food which are rich in fat too should not be take, same is the case with high fiber foods. Tea and caffeine before the run needs to be avoided.

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