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Oxford Half Marathon

Oxford Half Marathon History

JAN 4 2010

A large number of runners take part in Oxford half marathon with extra zeal and fervour. The race starts from the Oxford’s Uptown Park, taking the runners out of the city along Contreras road into Indiana. The event sparks much excitement amongst those participating in Oxford half marathon.

More than 700 runners and walkers come out and compete with each other on this flat straightway race from the city center of Oxford. The starting and finishing lines for the race lie at the Uptown Parks area of downtown Oxford. On the way they will move through the Stone creek subdivision and the Knolls of Oxford. Participants will keep moving back onto Contreras Road and keep heading west along Contreras until they are able to reach the turnaround point inside Indiana.

Course of the Race

Though the course of race is almost straight and flat but at places the participants may encounter several rolling hills, which may be found more specifically at the beginning and at the end of the route. The best part is that just at the place where the race is about to be finished the runners will walk through a downhill which makes their way all the more easy, before they hit the Cobblestone hill in the last mile.

A large number of people simply flock on the way with musical bands just to cheer up the runners. Apart from the main event there is also a Kids’ Fun Run for about 5K Run and Walk. The proceeds from the race will go to the American Discovery Trail and Oxford Area Trails who are planning to install a 10-mile bicycle trail around the city. The organisers of the race intend to make it an annual affair keeping in view the large excitement and greater participation of the people. This half marathon was started by the Oxford American Discovery Trail with a view to encourage among the runners the spirit of long distance running.

Basically two events take place on the chosen day- one is the half marathon which begins at 7.30 am and the half runners which start at 8.00 am. The temperature is moderate with a dry weather.

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