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Parts of Mountain Bike

Different Mountain Bike Parts

JUL 14 2010

Different mountain bike parts include the brakes, saddle, wheels, shifter. These are different from those of the normal road bikes. There are various parts of mountain bikes which ensures it a smooth run for the bike rider. You need to know these parts in order to know your bike in a better way.

If you are one of those who love to have a mountain bike and are a passionate rider as well then it is very much essential that you should be aware of the various mountain bike parts. A proper knowledge of various mountain bike parts is a must for you. In case of anything going awry or in case of any wear and tear the knowledge various mountain parts will come handy as this will let you know which part is not working or which parts needs to be checked for technical errors.

A mountain bike consists of a number of parts. The handlebar is located at the front of the bike which is quite useful in steering the bike. You need to have a tight grip on the same if you want to enjoy the ride.

Mountain Bike Shifters

The other part is called as the Mountain bike shifters, it helps in shifting the gear as well as in moving ahead. These are located on the handle bar. This is used to move the chain forward and for changing the gears. The mountain bike shifters too are of the following types- the Thumb shifter, the Rapid fire shifter, the Grip shifter.

All the mountain bikes have different type of wheels which are quite different from the roadbikes, since they are designed differently. The size of the wheels for mountain n bikes ranges from 26-29 inches. These days tubeless wheels too are much in demand due to features.

Brakes of Mountain Bikes

Brake forms the most important part of the mountain bike and of all the other bikes as well, since it helps to maintain a proper balance between you and the bike when you are riding the bike, you can also maintain a control on the bike if you are moving too fast or too slow. You also need to know that the prime aim of the brake is to stop the bike if it is moving too fast or if you meet a block on the roadside. The brakes too are of various kinds for the mountain bikes, these include the disc brake, the rim brake, V brakes. Each and every brake has a different function to perform and help the rider to maintain a proper balance.

Saddle is the seat where the rider sits, make sure when you buy the bike the saddle is just having the perfect fit. After all you have to sit on the saddle and go for riding for long hours and hence it is very important.

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