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Picking the Right Running Shoe

How to Choose the Running Shoe

MAR 16 2010

Picking the right running shoe is essential if you want to enjoy your running. But before that you also need to know as to how to choose the running shoe which is best for your feet. For doing this you need to know your foot type, the type of shoe which fits your feet.

Selecting the right running shoe is essential for your feet, since you need to feel comfortable when you try to run at a fast speed. So it is essential as to the shoes you choose fit you properly. When it comes to picking the right running shoes you need to be extra careful since in the shoe store almost all the shoes look equally good and it is up to you to decide which one to buy.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying the Shoe

When it comes to buying the shoe, it is better to consult a professional person who has wide experience with regard to the quality of the shoe. He will guide you in choosing the right shoe.

You can also examine the sole of your old running shoes to know where your foot falls most of the time while running. Make a comparison with your old shoe as to know what type of new running shoe will be better for you. You need to check whether you need a high arch shoe and it should have good shock absorption capacity as well. If your previous shoe has been hurting you a lot then you should try to buy shoes which are one size bigger and wider than the previous shoe.

You should always keep in mind not to bargain at the expense of a good running shoe, remember your feet needs the best shoe possible and it is not good if you opt for low quality, inexpensive running shoes. So never compromise on the quality of the shoe.

Know your Feet Type

You need to know your foot type quite well, whether your foot is overpronator or underpronator. Only then you should pick up the shoe. This you can easily find out by determining your foot type. You also need to check your arch height. Go for a wet paper test which will let you know your foot type. Depending upon this, choose the shoe shape- be it curved, straight or semi curved. For those whose feet overpronate go for motion control running shoes, while those who have underpronate feet should go for cushioned running shoes.

It is essential that you shop for your shoe in the late afternoon rather than in the early morning. This will help your feet to adjust more easily to the new shoe as you feet might expand by this time due to continuous running and walking.
Along with that, give prime importance to the traction system, durability and stability of the shoe. Never compromise on the quality of the shoe.

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