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Plantar Fasciitis Stretching Exercises

Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

NOV 22 2010

There are various exercises for plantar fasciitis which are helpful in keeping the muscles perfect. These include a number of exercises where stretching is done. Plantar Fasciitis stretching exercises includes marble lifts, stairs stretching, towel stretch and many more. If followed regularly they will relax the muscles.

In order to get rid of plantar fasciitis problem it is quite recommended for the athletes that they should exercise a lot and especially do stretching which helps them to maintain their muscles in a correct fashion.

Need of Stretching Exercises

Those who suffer from plantar fasciitis usually tend to have tight Achilles tendon. There are many times that they are also suffering from decreased flexibility which also comes in their way. There are some of the exercises which can be performed by those suffering plantar fasciitis.

Towel stretch is one of the most popular kind of exercises for plantar fasciitis. You should sit on a flat ground and stretch your legs in front of you. Tie the towel where your foot has been injured and then try to pull the towel with your hands. Keep this for about 15-30 seconds and then leave it, again do it, you should do this for as many as 10 times to get the desired results.

Types of Stretching Exercises Which are Possible

When it comes to stretching the calf muscles and Achilles you should do the exercise with the help of a wall. You should keep your hands on the wall and try to stand in way that your injured foot is at the back and the ground needs to be flat. Then the other leg should be moved forward and you too should lean forward. In this way you will be able to stretch your calf muscles. This you should do many times in a day and repeating this will eventually prove helpful to you.

You can also use your house stairs for the stretching. This too has been found to be effective. You need to stand on the balls of your feet and then you should lower the heel of the foot which has been injured. Keep the foot in the same position for a few seconds and then repeat it again.

You can also perform this simple exercise which involves rolling a tennis ball with your foot arch. You can do this while you are seated or else you can stand and do this. It solely depends upon the way in which you are feeling comfortable.

Marble lifting is yet another kind of exercise which is easy and effective. You need to keep a lot of marbles on the floor and then you have to pick each one of them one by one in a cup which has been placed nearby. This way too will help you a lot and you should keep doing this at least 15 times.

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