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SEP 11 2008

Formerly known as LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, Bank of America’s Chicago Marathon is an event happening in the state of Chicago specifically in Cook Country, Illinois.

This marathon is said to one of the major marathons in the world. It started in September 25 1977 and has been going on for years. It was organized by Lasalle Bank, Chicago prior to Bank of America.

It was first called Mayor Daley Marathon and its first run drew a thousand participants. For over thirty years, it has earned a reputation of being elite because it has developed partnership with sponsors that provides prize money as a reward to the winners. It has become popular due to its courses that lets anyone beats his or her personal records.

You don’t need a qualifying time in order for you to participate in Chicago Marathon. Only those runners who entered the six and a half mark are part of those who are timed. Chicago marathon can only accommodate 45,000 runners. There is a first come first serve policy being implemented so it is better to register early. Normally if the marathon is held in October, registration starts as early as February and it is closed April depending on the volume of participants. If you are part of the elite runner and charity representatives then you are exempted to this policy. Various organizations and charity groups use this as a means of fund raising. The people of Chicago really give their full support on this event. The city residents are seen outside their houses and standing in the sidelines, doing some cheering for the runners.

Entering Chicago Marathon

If you are planning to enter the Chicago Marathon, you need to decide as early as January. Remember that you don’t need a qualifying time but if you register early, you will have a greater chance of being selected. There are only 45,000 participants and the organizers receive over hundred of thousands application yearly. If you apply early, you have a chance to train for the said marathon. It would be best to set a targeted time every month so that when the marathon begins, you are ready. Prepare specialized marathon training. You can hire a fitness trainer or a coach to help you. Read more about this marathon in information sources found in the internet. Fill up an application form and pay the entrance fee to guarantee you a spot. Here is the official website of Chicago Marathon.

You can even adopt a charity and raise money. Not only you do yourself good but also you help support an organization. There are over a 5000 charities that you could choose from. Just check the official website where they can provide you with the list. Over this entire marathon event is a fun experience. Enjoy it while you can. Prepare your body for the said event. Focus on the race and do your best.

After finishing the race, even if you didn’t win you will receive a finisher medal that will be given to you after marathon. You can frame it for remembrance that you joined this competition. Truly this whole thing is one big accomplishment.

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