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Proper Jogging Techniques

How to Jog Properly

MAY 4 2011

It is very important that one should know as to how to jog properly. You need to start your jogging with proper warm up exercise sessions followed by stretching. If you follow the proper jogging techniques then you are surely going to derive the maximum benefit from the same. The surface on which you jog also matters. End your jogging with cooling down.

Jogging the world over is regarded as one of the most popular forms of exercise which is done by lots of people to stay fit and healthy. However, if you want to get the best benefits of jogging then you need to know the proper jogging techniques as well.

Jogging has Many Advantages:

  • Jogging has so many advantages like it helps to strengthen the muscles and cardio vascular system.
  • It is known to help in increasing the fitness level.
  • Jogging is said to be one of the healthiest of all exercises.
  • When you jog, you need to have a proper jogging gear which will help you in exercising in a proper way.
  • When you start your jogging session, you should do so with a proper warm up exercise.
  • Warming up before jogging is known to make your body flexible and thereby prepare you to jog in an effective manner.
  • It also makes the blood flow to your muscles in a fast manner.

Proper Jogging Techniques:

  • Once you have done the warm up exercise, you should go for stretching.
  • Stretching is helpful in raising the body temperature.
  • You need to have a proper jogging form in order to derive the maximum benefit from the same.
  • When you begin the jog, you need to be slow, don’t be fast. This is very important aspect of jogging as you have to make your body accustomed to your exercise.
  • Initially don’t jog for more than 15 minutes, rather take it slowly and once it comes into your routine, you should increase your time.
  • Alternative jogging is found to be very effective. You should walk for few minutes and then jog, then again walk and jog. This way you should try to maintain a rhythmic cycle which is said to be all the more beneficial.
  • Make sure your body posture as well as running form is in tandem with your jogging.
  • Jogging shoes need to be of good quality and you shouldn’t compromise on it. Most of the time, bad running shoes are the prime cause of injuries and foot problems.

While jogging, it is recommended that you need to wear the proper jogging clothes, your shoes should be of best quality and you should be mentally and physically fit to go for the same.

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