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Pros and Cons of Power Walk

To Power Walk or not to Power Walk

NOV 8 2009

All of us walk everyday. We walk to go to the kitchen. We also walk when we need to go to the nearest store to buy what we need. It is obvious then that walking is something we do everyday, and something that can also be easily converted into an exercise. Find out more about how power walking can benefit you, and how it could not.

Good news for those that do not want to pursue as an exercise either because it is strenuous or they just don’t want to do it. There is now a form of exercise that you can do, and that is power walking. Power walking is using walking as an exercise. It takes the name “power” because of the fact that it uses much more speed and effort than regular walking, but not as stressful as running.

Power walking, like all forms of exercise, has certain benefits for the body. Of course, to balance things out, it also has its own drawbacks. This article will discuss these in detail for you, so you can weigh them out and decide if power walking should be included in your daily exercise regime or if you should do something else like running or jogging. Without further adieu, here are the pros and cons of power walking.


One of the best benefits of power walking is that it exposes the body to less stress as other exercises do. This makes it ideal for those that definitely cannot pursue running as an exercise, i.e. old individuals and those with joint problems. Overweight people can certainly pursue power walking because it is not difficult for them to do. With less effort compared to running or jogging, people can still burn off calories and keep in shape.

Another benefit to power walking is that it allows for social activity on the side while still exercising. In power walking, you are taking things easy. You can power walk together with a friend and have a conversation, and you’ll be reaching your desired distance or goal in no time. It is also a good way to meet new people especially when you join groups of other power walkers in your neighborhood.


If you are one that has a definite timetable for losing weight, then power walking is definitely not for you. Because of lesser effort exerted, power walking takes some time achieve results even with regular exercise. Power walking is only for those that want to lose weight, but would not mind taking some time to shedding them off.

Power walking is also not recommended for those that want to build up a lot of muscle mass in their legs, because power walking puts on less muscle than running or jogging does because of the amount of effort exerted for walking. Simply put, power walking is only ideal for keeping the legs toned, and not for buffing them up like body-builders desire.

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