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Prospect Park Duathlon

Participating in Prospect Park Duathlon

APR 16 2010

Considered one of the fastest growing and most noticeable athletic events in the American region Prospect Park Duathlon is at par that surpasses others in one form or the other. The popularity of this event has grown tremendously since last couple of years and always remains in the limelight. All those athletes who are willing to participate in this unique event are required to undergo proper screening test.

It is a must for the participants of Prospect Park Duathlon to ensure that they are well prepared and are at home to produce valid identification while going to be registered for their participation in this event. Prospect Park Duathlon event is commonly recognized in the entire American region due to the strict regulations of this event. All participants are advised to keep a copy of the receipt of their online registration as record.

Similar is the case with updated USAT membership card when joining the event. It is done to ensure that identity of participant is well recognized and no loophole is left for future. It applies to both group and single participants. They must submit required papers including USAT sanctioned card to streamline entire event.

Participating Rules:

Common phenomenon is that organizers of Prospect Park Duathlon follow strictness to select participants. But there are occasions when lots of flexibilities are offered. All deserving athletes having no identity card are asked to pursue for temporary permit provided they assure the organizers that there will not be any violation of rules. Participants with annual membership must keep their card updated year after year. People having completed formalities are encouraged to join USAT sanctioned Prospect Park Duathlon event.

Event Course:

Prospect Park Duathlon event is usually organized with an introduction of typical elements in each session. With a loop of approximately four times its bike course continues for 3.35 miles. Most interesting factor in it is that loop keeps fluctuating over the period during the event on gradual basis. Affect is seen in inclines, declines and flats during event course. Similar is the case with run segments that too have several peculiar features. Organizers focus on this and instruct participants to follow rules strictly – this section too is of 3.35 mile loop though there are so many variations in it. Interestingly this variation in itself makes a great difference.

Excellent Features:

Though the distance covered in Prospect Park Duathlon is 3.1m run and 13.5m biking besides 3.1m running, many participants come and join it for the inner satisfaction. Interestingly Prospect Park Duathlon is open to everybody and offers lots of fun to the participants. What matters the most is gut and power to explore best elements in this event. Anyone can join it and enjoy good time until the run course is covered. The firsthand experience is of great value, so is important its role in motivating athletes.

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