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Rain Jackets for Running

Running Jackets for Rainy Days

SEP 8 2010

Running jackets for rainy months should be purchased after enough of survey and choose the one which has the largest number of features. These should be able to keep your body dry and warm. These should be waterproof which doesn’t allow water to stick to the body. Rain jackets for running include Columbia Women’s Rambling Rhodie Rain Jacket, Marmot Pre Clip Rain Jacket.

For all those runners who want to enjoy their running in the rainy season they need to buy the best rain jackets available. There are various types of rain jackets which are available in the market today and you can buy the one which suits your requirements.

Columbia Women’s Rambling Rhodie Rain Jacket

This rain jacket is available for a price of around $69.95. This jacket is designed from the eco friendly material and that makes it quite unique kind of a jacket. It is made up of 100% nylon fabric and consists of the polyester mesh. It is a waterproof jacket and is therefore equipped with the Omni tech waterproof technology. It is quite breathable jacket which you can easily wear in the rainy months.

Marmot Pre Clip Rain Jacket:Men’s

Though it is an all weather season jacket but suits you the best in the rainy season. The jacket consists of a number of features which make them a must buy jacket like they are waterproof and hence keeps the rain water out. The Precip micro porous coating is equipped in this jacket for this purpose. It keeps the body keep away the sweat.

Yet another feature of the jacket is the Drytouch finish which removes the clumsy feeling. Pitzip feature is able to help the moisture of the body to escape and doesn’t let it stick to your body for long as you run for long miles. The Pack Pockets is helpful in keeping you the basic belongings without having to worry as to wear to keep the same. The jacket is having the DriClime chin guard technology which is able to keep the moisture away and wicks it out of the body and keep you dry.

The North Face Venture Rain Jacket: Men’s

The jacket has been designed in way so as to keep the body well protected enough in the rainy season and even in thunderstorms. For wet weather it is one of the most suited jackets. It is provided with Hyvent DT 2.5 layer fabric which keeps it waterproof and prevents the rain water from seeping inside your body. It is highly breathable and protects your body from rain. It is quite a lightweight jacket and is also equipped with the features like soft lining chin guards, hem drawcord, elastic cuffs. The zip hand pockets ensure that you can keep the keys inside your pocket.

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