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Recovery Drinks after Exercise

What to Drink after Exercise

MAY 18 2011

Post-exercise nutrition is crucial. Recovery drinks are mandatory after strenuous workouts. Level of recovery after an exercise depends on the choice of drink. Usually such drinks are suggested after swimming, weight trainings or long running schedules. In case drinks are ignored then there would be poor recovery that might invite fatigue and prolonged muscle pain. One may have weak workout due to lack of adequate energy which is gained from prescribed recovery drinks.

Exercise is good for complete fitness but it requires certain level of preparation for maximum advantage. The possibility of muscle breakdown is common so immediate muscle protein is needed to maintain energy level after a decreased protein synthesis post exercise. Energy drinks are good for depleted energy in body which helps muscles improve with additional energy. Glycogen is a drink that has adequate glucose molecule and is best for post exercise recovery. Why do you require such drinks?

  • Exercise reduces insulin level so energy drinks are must for boost up
  • Energy drinks help build muscle protein henceforth your body recover from breakdown of muscle protein
  • Post-exercise health deficiencies are recovered with additional energy from such drinks

The Requirement

Energy drinks play multiple roles. They are nutrients that one requires to maintain body energy so fight with various problems. Such drinks are full of carbohydrates that make rapid replenishment possible. They are good for increasing insulin. There is no dearth of recovery drinks after exercise. You may have some which are common drinks. Such drinks consist of all essential amino acids that make them best choice of post exercise drinks.

Select drinks that prove beneficial to maximum extent. Some drinks are specially prepared:

  • Leucine recovery drink works synergistically
  • Champion Nutrition is one such choice
  • Any drink consisting of carbohydrates and protein are preferable
  • Glucose and glucose polymers like maltodextrin are best
  • Hydrosylate is an excellent protein recovery drink

Famous Prescribed Post-Workout Drinks

Usually professionally trained athletes take prescribed liquids – energy drinks – that help them boost for the next workout. The option of liquid foods or recovery drinks is so many as the choices are not confined. Any drink that can be digested and absorbed rapidly is best choice to select. When you take them make sure time gap is maintained in the workout and taking of recovery drink. Consume drinks within specified time frame.

  • Gatorade
  • POWERade
  • All Sport
  • Endurox R4

If you are aware of timing to use for choosing energy liquids then it is for sure that you will make best selection of well prepared recovery drinks that have become popular in each society. They can be anything from purified water to other drinks like chocolate milk amongst others.

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