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Recycle Running Shoes

How to Recycle Running Shoes

NOV 15 2009

Everybody enjoys running with new shoes. But time comes when these shoes turn old after repeated use. Recycling of such shoes is unique option. This makes possible to use them for some more time for betterment indeed. Many shoe making companies transform old shoes into best quality materials for using them in sports surfaces including basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, running tracks and playgrounds for youngsters after recycling them.

Throwing old running shoes into dumpsters is absolutely bad idea that too when several options to reincarnate them into some new life is available before you.

Once you plan buying new pair of shoes for running purpose, first thing that comes in your mind is to dispose off older ones. Can’t you think of recycling old shoes? Better options are there before you. These shoes can either be recycled or gifted to charity organizations for purposeful use. There are many companies which collect worn out shoes to grind them up to use into sports fields, courts and tracks. Playground surfaces are also prepared from recycled shoes.

Best Use of Recycled Shoes: Usually professional runners keep buying new pairs of shoes and henceforth they have good collection of old running shoes that remain dumped in the back of the closet, trunk of car or under their beds. These shoes can be used for genuine purpose. Donate them to companies that recycle old shoes and give them second life. These shoes will be suitably used after recycling. Most recycled worn-out athletic shoes are used as raw materials to prepare sports surfaces for different sports activities. Such practice is common around the glob.

Shoes and Running Schedule: Professional runners keep changing running shoes regularly as per seasonal needs. Casual runners too prefer replacing their old tired running shoes with new models available in the market. It is obvious that several pairs of old running shoes gather at everyone’s place after sometime. The unanswered question is what can be the better use of old running shoes in such circumstances. The best option would be to send them to companies which recycle these items for better use. This prudent step is another leap in promoting the concept of “going green” and participating in a journey to eliminate pollution. It is therefore, advisable not to throw shoes in the trash. Reusing and recycling them are most suitable options.

Running shoes are excellent resources to keep runners at the right direction. But the worn out shoes shouldn’t be left useless. They can be given a new life and use through several means. Many running shoe recycling stores do recycling and grinding of shoes for genuine usage. Think that way to make your old shoes usable.


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