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Renting a Triathlon Bike

Steps to Rent Triathlon Bikes

NOV 13 2009

With the advent of different racing competitions and racing given importance in the sports fraternity renting of triathlon bikes has become common practice. Some races buy these bikes but there are many who choose the renting option, particularly those going for racing for the first time.

Categories of triathlon bikes vary according to individual needs. Ora is one such bike which is manufactured with advanced technology. Though it is priced reasonably but mostly people rent bikes for occasional usage. These bikes are manufactured with high quality items. The blend of M30S and T700 carbon fiber are their important features which makes them durable and comfortable for enjoying longer rides. Triathlon bikes come with especially designed frames and standard shape. Horizontal top, wing like down tube and comfortable seat pin area is other unique features of such bikes. They are apt choices for renting purpose.

The idea of renting triathlon bike can be explored for sporting purpose for that you must know exact choice and find genuine renter.

Lots of explorations have been done in the area of road bikes. Lots of such bikes are manufactured for sporting. The ability to decide best choice for renting purpose is crucial. As money is involved in renting of bikes it is important to compare the equipments, sizes and angles of bikes. Once you are satisfied of particular choice the time comes to zero upon one for renting. Check the specifics while renting bikes. Are seat angles, tri specific and TT bikes perfect and whether the bike you have chosen has 76 degree seattube or not.

Important Features: All sporting bikes including triathlon come in stylish designs. They are durable too. But it is mandatory to check the bike you rent and ascertain about required features. The headtube, stem and spacers, tip of saddle to base of stem must be equipped with advanced features. Some people prefer Felt, Kuota, and Quintinna Roo bikes. Check all features before renting one. Two special types of triathlon bikes Ordu and Ora are much in demand these days. Check the chunkiness, aero, pattern and tube designs minutely while renting any of them.

The Cost Factor: Renting charges vary from one region to the other. It depends upon the availability and booking schedule. Rates may go up in peak seasons. That is why renting fees always differ and remain inconstant. Dimension and type of triathlon bike also matters. Even though renting is not expensive affair for bikers longing to experience wonderful racing time rent bikes by ordering and paying fees prior to the racing schedule. Some bike renters keep their charges constant. There may be too much rush for renting hence you should contact renters at the right moment.

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