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Revlon 5k Run

Participating in Revlon 5K

MAY 13 2010

Revlon 5K run/walk is organised in the cities of Los Angeles, New York every year to collect funds for cancer afflicted women. The aim is to make the world realise of its harmful effects and how we can do our bit in saving the lives of such women by simply participating in Revlon 5K.

The Revlon walk is organised every year one day before the Mother’s day in the cities of New York and Los Angeles with a view to raise awareness about women’s cancer as well as to donate enough funds for the same. Almost anyone who cares for the women suffering from cancer can participate in the event. You don’t have to be a woman to take part in the run. It is one of its kind run keeping in view the need of spreading awareness about cancer.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to participate in the Revlon 5K as a runner or walker. The appeal to all is to basically generate funds so that more and more lives could be saved from cancer by continuing research in this direction.

The main leaders behind Revlon 5k

The Revlon 5K run is the combined effort of Revlon and the Entertainment Industry Foundation which has been organising the event since 1993. Though it is held in just two cities but over the years it has been able to gather as much as $ 50 million for various programmes associated with women cancer like research, outreach programmes and counselling those women who suffer from cancer.

The registration fee for the run/walk is around $25 which will also include a T shirt, goody bag and medallion. On site registration is also available.

With regard to the donations, for the ease of the runners, donations are accepted in cash, credit card and in checks. You can also make donations online by creating web pages on the Revlon run site on the net. This is to make the donations easy to be done. The run is organised by the Entertainment Industry Foundation and all the collected donations are distributed by the EIF to various organizations, NGO, which are playing a leading role in saving and curing the women from cancer. A large number of celebrities too participate in the run along with the people.

Getting ready to run 5K

You don’t have to be an athlete to participate in the 5K. Rather if you are in sound health, you can run 5K. You can also train yourself a bit for the event. This will involve running regularly for around 15-20 minutes, you need to increase this time day by day and not at once or else you will end up injuring yourself. Starting slowly and then increasing the pace gradually is the basic of running in 5K.

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