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Run Wild Half Marathon

Running for Run Wild Half Marathon

APR 14 2010

Run Wild Half Marathon, beyond being a mere race, gets more exciting as Runner’ s High Club continues to conduct seminars and training for keeping the runner members fit for the race thus building camaraderie. Run Wild half Marathon is both a running and social event that is certainly memorable.

 Many people have a passion for running. Some even do run in different race categories in different places. Hence, many institutions are conducting as such to gather runners and do it for a specific purpose, mostly charity. It is not also new that many sponsors, product brands or services, are supporting these events due to marketing factors with the volume of people that such events gather.
Behind Run Wild Half Marathon is the Runner’s High Club which was founded to aid other runner to achieve their goals. Founders of Runner’s High are all but runners too and their passion had led them to initiate the organization.
As part of the membership to Runner’s High Club, members usually have the privilege to a 22 days training program. Coaches are mostly the founders of the club whom are veterans in the field. The training, however, has a fee. It also includes a seminar and group runs to make each other fit for every event.
One of the benefits of being a member of such clubs is that, even before the main event, you get to know some running buddies that will make you enjoy more the competition. Run Wild half marathon goes beyond competition and sees to it that it will be more of a social event. Usually Run Wild Half Marathon is consequently happening together with 5K, 10K and full marathon.
Like the other races, Run Wild welcomes volunteers to coordinate the event especially in local races. Volunteering to be part of the event will get you involve in the planning, organizing, leading, implementing, controlling and evaluating of the event.
Run Wild Half Marathon, together with 5K and 10K aims to get the people into shape and pursue a healthy life style. Running boosts the stamina and thereby enhances breathing and heart function.
The course for the Run Wild is ensured to be safe. Police, medics, volunteers are present along the course that will guide the runners all through out the race.
Walkers are also encouraged to join. There are monthly events and a major one. Run Wild Half Marathon is usually enjoyed but both true blooded runners and those health buffs. It is not that long and can be endured by physically fit individuals unlike the full marathon that is double the distance of the half marathon.
After every running event, there are social activities that each member will sure to enjoy.

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