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Running Accessories for Men

What Running Accessories are Available for Men

SEP 8 2010

When it comes to as to what running accessories are available for men, in fact there are a large variety like the reflective vest, head gear, gloves, heart rate monitor. It also depends upon the weather conditions of the place where the runner is running. Running accessories for men make it quite easy to run for long hours.

There are a large number of running accessories which are available for men also just like they are available for women. For the men runners the choice of accessories is quite large and it is upto you to know as to which one you need to buy. In fact there is a wide variety available in the running accessories apart from the running shoes and clothes.

Nightlife Reflective Vest

Men runners who basically prefer to run in the night time, there is available the Nightlife Reflective Vest which can be bought for a price of $20. The basic feature of this reflective vest is that you can wear it on any top and it will fit you properly. Even in areas of low light this will make you perfectly visible. It is made up of 100% polyester mesh. It is adjustable enough as it is equipped with stretchable straps. It is quite breathable and also light weight.

Nightlife Arms and Leg Bands

In order to make the runners visible at the time of night running, there are available arms and leg bands. These bands are high in visibility terms and made up of soft fabric and hence are comfortable to use as well. These come with an elastic fit which make them easy to wear.

Craft Performance Run Short

A must buy for the men runners, these running shorts are quite breathable and light weight as well. These are provided with ventilation panels which keeps the sweat out of the body and is also able to wick away the moisture.

Sports Drinking Bottles

For the runners there are available are a large number of sports drinking bottles which the runners should keep with themselves. SIS energy introductory pack is available for the runners which can be bought. Along with this pack the runner are also provided with a free water bottle also. It includes a number of products like Go Gel, Go Bar, Go Electrolyte, PSP22 Energy.


These form an essential part of the running accessories for men. For those runners who are running in hot weather season it is very much suggested that they should also wear sunglasses which will surely provide cool and comfort to the eyes. You can buy the one which suits you the best.

Heart Rate Monitors

It is worth keeping when you are running long distances. It will help you know the heart rate as you run. These are available from top brands like New Balance, Polar and Timex.


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