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Running Faster Techniques

Techniques for Running Fast

JAN 13 2011

Tips for running fast are known to help the runners in improving the running speed. These tips are said to be helpful for the runners who are interested in running fast. Apart from your regular exercises and running you need to follow some other running fast techniques as well like ankle foot strike, leaning your body forward, going for fartlek.

Almost everyone has a dream to run fast, and win the race. Be it the marathon or any other short distance run but the prime aim of each runner is to run fast and be the winner. However a number of runners fail to achieve their dream of running fast inspite of their best efforts.

Running Faster Techniques

There are a number of running faster techniques which the runners need to follow if they want to increase their running speed. This is not a difficult task and if they are following it on a regular basis then surely they will increase their speed with time. You need to increase your steps every time you are running. Start with few steps but with time you need to increase your steps as well. The running steps need to be increased per second and this is called as cadence.

The athletes should also try to strike the ground with their foot which should move backwards. This is called as the Ankle Foot Strike. The forward lean of the body is also essential, when you run make sure your body is leaning a bit in the forward direction. Try to keep your chin when you are running and also your head should be kept still.

Tempo Running for Runners

Tempo training is also known to work wonders with regard to your running speed. When you are going for tempo runs make sure you are keeping time for warm up and cool down periods. In between you have to lower down your running pace as well. If your aim is to run in the 5k or 10k runs then you should begin with around 3 miles of tempo run, this will help you increase the running speed. Fartlek is also said to be an effective running exercise where you make markers for running and try to achieve those goals with running.

What is often ignored is the breathing pattern while running, but it needs to be mentioned that proper breathing pattern is also said to be very important in your running fast. While you are running try to breathe in through the nose and try to breathe out through your mouth. You have to maintain a ratio of 3:2 while doing so.

You should remember that the ability to run fast cannot be developed in a day or two rather it will require months of practice before you can finally run fast. So practicing is the key to develop fast running speed.

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