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Running First Half Marathon

Tips for Running First Half Marathon

MAY 18 2010

Running first half marathon is a dream for most of the runners. But in order to fulfil the dream you need to be fully prepared. Staying motivated is the key. There are various tips for running first half marathon, which if followed well will help you in achieving your tasks.

One of the major problems being faced by the runners who intend to go for half marathon is the belief that whether they will be able to accomplish the goal or not. This is a common fear amongst most of the runners. This fear is but natural keeping in view the vast distance which the runners have to run.

Training Programmes

A large number of training programmes are available for the runners which ensures that they get proper physical and mental training when they go out for the running the half marathon. There are a number of training programmes available for the runners which may vary for the beginners and the competitive runners. These programmes may go for around 12 weeks. You need to join in any one of these programmes which might suit your requirements depending upon the level you are at. But you should become a part of these programmes at least six months before the marathon. The basic aspect is that you stick to the plan and follow what your trainer asks you to do. Before you begin the training programme, it is quite important that you visit a doctor and get your physical check up done, so as to know that you are completely fit for the marathon.

Dividing your week in different activities is very important. So if you are working for the entire week, then make sure you have rest days in between also. Keeping rest days in between the running days helps to keep your body active and alert. Along with that it helps to give rest to your tired muscles. The rest days are said to be the best days with regard to injury recovery, so don’t ignore any of these.

How to Enhance Your Running

When you begin the running, it is quite essential that you do a little warm up exercises before hand; this will go a long way in making you comfortable and getting adapted to the run.You need to follow other activities also like cross training exercises which involves swimming, cycling etc. in between running activities.

You need to stay focussed on your goals, make the goal and try to achieve the same. But don’t make unapproachable goals, make short term goals and once you achieve those, go for the long ones. This way you will stay motivated.
Don’t neglect what you eat; you need to be careful that you are taking only energy rich foods. Avoid fatty and oily foods; don’t dehydrate your body.

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