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How to Stay Fit With Fitness Programs

JUN 16 2010

How to stay fit with fitness programs is important to know for all the fitness lovers, who are ready to perform their best just for the sake of their health. Running fitness programs involve various steps like stretching, cross training programs, eating proper food. If you follow a strict routine on all these accounts you will succeed.

Running is one of the most adventurous sports keeping in view the manner in which it helps us to stay fit and healthy. There is a close relation between running and fitness, if fitness programme is followed in the right direction it will surely help you a lot. Make it a routine to follow the running properly and daily. It gives a sense of achievement, that you are following the right exercise.

Benefit of Running

Running is advantageous as it helps to keep you in shape, you tend to lose weight naturally, lean muscles are developed; but a structured routine has to be followed. Most people fail to accomplish the goals because they are not giving ample amount of time in the same.

Start your day with a jogging program for at least 10 minutes, once this is over you should start running. When you finish the running end with a cool down walk. Be comfortable don’t run too fast since being too fast would imply that you stand to hurt your legs, calves along with cramps in your stomach.

Take a heart monitor with you to know the rate of your heart. It will be available within 100 dollars and thus you can easily purchase the same. Yet another thing which you should keep with yourself is the pedometer which will help you analyse how much you have walked and how much more efforts you need to make to achieve your destined goal. Go slow initially like one mile per day but with time you will be able to adopt and thus enhance your running speed and mileage. Your speed matters just like the distance you have covered. Your body will take time to adapt to the new change.

How to Run Properly

At the time of running, run with your head straight and your shoulders moving backwards. You need to bend your elbows at your waist when you run. Your eyes should be focussed in front of you and not on your feet.

You need to be focussed on your run, stay motivated and don’t be discouraged if you are not making progress initially. Results will appear only after a few months of hard work.

What you eat too has a role in staying fit. Don’t ignore your nutrition programme. Drink plenty of water so that you never become dehydrated. Always remember that diet and nutrition along with a proper running programme can keep you fit and healthy.

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