Running Guide

There are many runners of different abilities and ages that have not even come close to the full distance training and running capacity simply because they lack proper coaching. However, trying to figure out what type of training program or running workout to work best for you is a difficult task. Whether you’re planning a 5-10K, half marathon, or full marathon, you need to find out the best training advice to help you train effectively and race faster.

Come check out the complete online running resource and training guide for all runners with different abilities. There is a collection of tools, services, and information that you can find here. There are also nutrition tips, marathon schedules, and news updates. So lace up your shoes and have the best running year ever.

Petite Jogging Suits

Posted by: Shadaan (6/24/2011 6:20:06 PM)

Buying petite jogging suits is good if you want to jog in the most comfortable manner. These are available at a reasonable price and are available in different shapes and colours. They have the look and grace. Most of the petite jogging suits are washable and are available in different kind of fabrics.

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Tips for Running Track

Posted by: Shadaan (6/21/2011 4:55:00 PM)

Running track strategy needs to be developed in a way that you are able to gather the best out of the running. It is very essential that you develop a routine of running track and stick to it, this helps in reducing stress level and burning fat also. Tips for running track include what you wear, how you run and more.

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Meals after Workout

Posted by: Asif (5/18/2011 6:21:56 PM)

It is necessary to maintain body fitness through best recovery meals. What meals should be taken after strenuous exercises? It is important for complete physical fitness? Selecting your workout time is necessary so is important choosing meals after workouts. It is a prerequisite so you must ensure choice of meal is a combination of all nutrients. Meals should have adequate protein, carbohydrates or energy substances that make excellent food combination post exercise.

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Treadmill Walking for Weight Loss

Posted by: Shadaan (5/16/2011 11:13:05 PM)

Weight loss on treadmill is possible if you are practising it in the right manner. Treadmill walking for weight loss is easy and you don’t have to move out of your home also. Be careful when you tread on the treadmill. If you are a new user make sure you are aware of how it works.

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Tips to Start Running

Posted by: Shadaan (5/6/2011 11:19:34 PM)

There are various kinds of effective tips to start running. You should always follow the right manner of running if you want to enjoy it. Don’t take stress, keep a check on the distance you have covered, run in the proper posture. How to start running is very easy to understand.

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Running Tips to Lose Weight

Posted by: Shadaan (4/19/2011 3:45:29 PM)

Losing weight through running is one of the most common reasons why more and more people are opting for running. It is regarded as the best exercise to lose extra fat. You need to follow running tips to lose weight like taking proper diet, being slow in the beginning of running.

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Jogging Health Benefits

Posted by: Shadaan (4/13/2011 9:05:17 PM)

There are many positive effects of jogging if it is being done on a regular basis. Joggers found it to be a great stress reliever and it also boosts their confidence. Jogging health benefits are many like it boosts the immune system, it is known to strengthen the bones of the body, make you active and alert.

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Walking or Jogging for Weight Loss

Posted by: Shadaan (4/6/2011 11:00:53 PM)

Losing weight through walking or jogging is possible only if you are doing it on a regular basis and also keeping your diet in check. Comparing walking or jogging for weight loss, then surely walking is said to be better in helping you lose more calories than jogging can do.

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Training for First 10K

Posted by: Shadaan (4/1/2011 10:09:57 PM)

10k run training works wonders for those runners who intend to be a part of the marathon running also. 10k running is said to be quite different than the 5k running. You need to prepare your running workouts in a way that your running improves. This will include rest days and running at a consistent pace.

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Pros and Cons of Night Jogging

Posted by: Shadaan (3/31/2011 3:05:15 PM)

Night jogging tips come handy for those people who are often confused whether to jog at night or in day time. In fact there are both pros and cons of night jogging. Night jogging is said to act as a good stress reliever. You can get a good sleep also.

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