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Running Half Marathon in Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Half Marathon

MAY 20 2010

Running half marathon in pregnancy is good as far as you are able to take care of yourself and your unborn baby. You should always remember that baby stands first, so in case of any complications you better avoid the same. Pregnancy and half marathon can go together if done without straining and exerting yourself.

Running half marathon can be very challenging depending upon the stage of your pregnancy. But if you have been maintaining a high level fitness from beforehand and in pregnancy also then surely you can take part in marathon with a high level intensity, since this his highly desirable in half marathon. If you have been practising and working out in a routine manner than surely you will be having no problem and your baby too will be safe.

Precautions while Running

But you need to take precautions before you go for the running. Since a wrong step may prove harmful for the child and you. You should take plenty of fluids on your way, keep drinking water at regular intervals. The same holds truth with food also. You should not in the least starve yourself while on the run. It is better if you keep water and food handy in a portable bag.

In case of any tiredness or fatigue it is better that you stop running, don’t try to over exert yourself. Though non pregnant women can push themselves over a longer period of time, it is advisable for pregnant women not to do the same.
It is better if you consult your doctor over the running plans. If he gives you the nod for running then surely you can go for the same. However if you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy then you may be suffering from nausea and may find it difficult to learn, so be cautious. There may be times when you may have to change your running schedule.

Health of Baby Shouldn’t be Ignored

Remember that your prime aim is to give birth to a healthy baby, and everything comes later, so you shouldn’t let any of your running plans to over stress you. When in the 20th week of your pregnancy you need to slow down on your running, since you baby will be growing and you will have to meet his demands. So prefer only moderate level of exercise and running. Sometimes the joints and the pelvic bone may start to pain due to exertion. If you start to feel pain in the joints or any such area, you need to stop running.

Always take rest in between your running sessions. This is essential and you shouldn’t ignore. Listen to the demands of your body. Running is one of the perfect ways to stay active during your pregnancy and going for the same.

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Name: hugnin Isabelle

I am 6 weeks pregnant of my 4 th baby and I will be 40 in september. I am a regular runner. I did many races between halfmarathon (Paris in march and one in june in mauritius) and few trails. I slow down my training during summer. I would like to go back on training for another half marathon. Is it safe? Is it safe to train inside a stadium, doing 100m, 200m .....? Really need help. During the 3rd pregnacy, I was a gym adicted and did it until the due date. But training for a 1/2 marathon, doing sprint is not the same. Please give me your advice. Thank you.

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