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Running Half Marathon while Pregnant

Pregnancy and Half Marathon

OCT 12 2010

Pregnancy and half marathon are considered to be poles apart by many pregnant women but this is not so. Running half marathon while pregnant is also possible but with caution. You should not over exert yourself, don’t run in hot weather. Take rest in between the runs, keep drinking water.

Running half marathon for pregnant ladies is quite different than that for those who are not pregnant. After all it is not just one but two who will be running at the same time.

Pregnant Women Running Half Marathon

Pregnant women apart from running also have to be extra careful for their child as well, since by all means the unborn child holds importance over running. So you need to be extra careful in running half marathon.

A number of pregnant moms consider running while pregnant to be injurious to the health of the unborn but this is not so. There are a large number of pregnant mothers who participate in the race and it does not harm the baby at all, provided you have taken all the necessary precautions.

If you have been a runner all along and now you have become pregnant then there is no need to stop running. But if you are a beginner then surely pregnancy is not the right time to start running.

Care for Pregnant Women Runners

When you run, you need to be careful enough, take shorter breaks in between the run. Don’t force yourself into running. If you feel tired or worn down it is best to stop running. Take proper care of what you are eating before the run. Always keep water bottle with you and keep drinking water after every 15 minutes or so.

Before running, it is better if you get yourself cleared by your gynaecologist that you are fit enough to run while being pregnant and that there won’t be any harm to the baby. Try to set small goals for yourself which are easy to accomplish rather than making a heavy running schedule. You can also work with your trainer so that practice remains in your routine. Make sure you are not suffering from leg cramps, if you do it is better that you switch over to some other exercise.

Be moderate in running if you are pregnant. Never over exert yourself as it may not be good for you. Keep a check on your pulse rate which should not increase more than 140 beats per minute. If it does it is time to stop.
The weather plays an important role. If it is too hot or humid better avoid exercising. Go to a mall and walk in hot temperature since it is not considered to be good for foetus. Keep a good walking posture, this will prevent backaches. If you find it hard to run, take a short break and then begin again.

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