Running Injury Guide

Running is a famous sport, and like any other sport, injuries are close at hand. There are many factors contributing to a running injury such as foot type, weight, and gender. Research should be conducted to understand whether you are at a high risk or not.

The only thing that runners fear is having an injury. For them, getting hurt means losing fitness, taking a break, or missing the act of running. But if you knew from the start all the injuries you’re about to face before running, then you can prevent them and make sure that you take all necessary precautions to avoid getting hurt. Here is a list of common and specific injuries that runners can experience and ways on how you can apply precautionary measures to save you.

Jogging Injuries

Posted by: Admin (6/15/2011 6:22:53 PM)

Jogging injuries need to be prevented at all cost since they may cause havoc in the runners world if not treated effectively. They occur due to fast jogging, stressful jogging. There are various tips for preventing jogging injuries like being slow at the beginning of the jog, opting for warm up and cool down.

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Why My Shin Hurts While Running

Posted by: Shadaan (5/27/2010 12:08:26 PM)

Shin Hurting and running are said to be interlinked to each other with a number of runners complaining about the same. The answer to the question as to why my shin hurts while running- this is due to wrong type of shoes, tight calve muscles. Inflammation of the area occurs leading to pain.

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Why My Back Hurts When I Walk

Posted by: Shadaan (5/24/2010 10:08:38 PM)

Why my back hurts when I walk? It is basically due to the over stressing of the muscles and due to inappropriate walking patterns. In order to avoid back pain while walking, you need to perform certain exercises like Cat stretch, Camel Stretch which protects the back from pain of any kind.

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Why Shin Hurts While Walking

Posted by: Shadaan (5/24/2010 1:09:58 PM)

Shins and walking are somewhat linked to each other since they are caused by excessive walking, imbalance in the leg muscles, wearing high heeled shoes most often. This is a common problem and many people complain that shin hurts while walking. The way to cure it is to massage the affected area with oil or ice packs.

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Stomach Hurts After Running

Posted by: Shadaan (5/20/2010 9:52:50 PM)

Running and stomach ache is a common problem witnessed by the runners. This is very prevalent amongst those runners who do not drink plenty of water and thus dehydrate their bodies. Stomach hurts after running is thus a problem which can be easily tackled by proper exercise and diet.

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Side Cramps While Running

Posted by: Shadaan (5/18/2010 3:57:24 PM)

Preventing side cramps while running is essential since if they are neglected they can create lots of problems for the runners. Side cramps while running occurs when you don’t breathe properly. So it is essential that don’t press yourself too hard in running. If side cramps continue for long, it is better that you walk rather than run. Remember running should never become a cause of worry for you.

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Feet Hurt After Running

Posted by: Shadaan (5/14/2010 1:36:05 PM)

In order to prevent hurting feet after running, you need to wear the right kind of shoes, which fits your feet and are not too tight. Wear good quality shoes. Feet hurt after running if the shoes are not proper, or if you are putting too much pressure on your feet at the time of running.

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Lungs Hurt After Running

Posted by: Shadaan (5/12/2010 10:29:54 PM)

Hurting of lungs due to running primarily occurs when the runners run in cold weather season, when there is too much freezing temperature and there is lack of proper oxygen in the air. The lungs too get affected in the absence of proper breathing. Most runners complain that lungs hurt after running.

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How to Prevent Running Cramps

Posted by: Shadaan (5/12/2010 8:33:32 PM)

How to prevent running cramps is yet another question which is most commonly asked by the runners. Preventing running cramps is easy if you follow the proper guidelines. Most of the times these cramps occur due to our negligence of not listening to our body’s demand. Eating properly, hydrating your body, stretching well, breathing completely are the key factors.

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Knee Hurts After Running

Posted by: Shadaan (5/12/2010 1:31:20 PM)

Running and knee pain in one way or the other are said to be related to each other, for the runners this is a common problem. Knee hurting after running primarily happens when you have been running continuously for longer periods of time without a break. Then surely the knees start to hurt once you stop.

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