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Running Knee Injuries

Causes of Knee Injuries and Steps to Cure It

JUN 25 2008

Most runners suffer from knee injuries. Both amateur and professional runners are not spared from getting various types of knee injuries. Pain and difficulty vary as well. Some may be able to maintain movement during the injury and others may need an indefinite amount of rest and cessation from running activities in order to treat injuries and recover from them.

Proper and prompt diagnosis and management are very important so that the athlete may be spared from permanent injuries.

Baker's Cyst causes pain and swelling behind oneís knee. It is a growth which is not malignant and often experienced by runners. Consult a doctor for its removal.

Runner's Knee is an injury felt around or behind oneís kneecaps. This is commonly felt by runners and is most often felt when an athlete finishes a thirty to forty mile weekly run for the first time. Pain is sometimes felt on and off. It may subside for a while then come back again. Pain may be mild to intense, felt increasingly painful during downhill runs or extended periods of sitting. Knee bends may be accompanied by clicking and crunching sounds.

Thigh muscle weakness and inadequate footwear support are causes of this injury. With runners, an unhealthy imbalance occurs since back thigh muscles are continually developed leaving the front thigh muscles undeveloped or less developed. This imbalance may cause runnerís knee injuries. Overpronation and supination can also cause or aggravate the condition. With the first, your feet roll in during runs and with the second, your feet turn out during runs.

Save yourself from this injury. Do not overtrain and do not increase miles abruptly. Run on level areas. Apply cold compress onto injured area and do so after every run. Pain relievers may be prescribed after runs. Hot compress is advisable before retiring every night for bed. Purchase the right footwear and have enough support like pads and insoles. It might be best to have orthotics.

When pain is felt on the outside of oneís knee, the injury is called Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Swelling and or locking may accompany this injury. Pains may be in spasms, they may be felt on and off. Pains may come during runs and may disappear afterwards. This injury may happen very early in the run.

This injury comes from overuse. The part injured is called the iliotibial band, a tissue found outside the pelvis up to the outside part of oneís knees. This tissue stabilizes the knees. Tightness felt is often a result of overstraining and overtraining.

Deal with the injury by putting yourself on a rest. Lessen mileage and put cold compress regularly. Immediately stop a run whenever you feel pain. Stick to even grounds. Donít go uphill or downhill. Have a massage. Focus exercises on hip strengthening.

Prevent knee injuries by doing proper stretching before commencing with a run. Exercise programs must include strengthening of both the back part and the front part of your legs and knees. Do run in moderation and properly pace yourself. Always wear appropriate foot gear.

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