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Running Program for Half Marathon

Half Marathon Running Program

OCT 15 2010

Half marathon running program differs depending upon the experience of the runners. Those runners who have just started with the running program will surely have to follow a different running schedule than those runners who are experienced. Running program for half marathon is different from marathon in a few aspects and so be regular in following it.

If you intend to take part in the half marathon, you need to make a complete running program for yourself beforehand. This will ensure that you are working properly on all aspects of training and thereby will surely succeed in the run. You need to take the advice of friends and coach in making of your running program if you are a beginner in half marathon.

Running 26.2 miles can really be an event worth remembering for you so make it a joyful day by preparing for it from beforehand. Those who have already taken part in 10K and 5K are surely going to enjoy the day more. in such a scenario, it becomes easy to determine your running schedule. Usually you can prepare yourself for the running program in just about 12 weeks time, if you practice sincerely you will surely be able to win the run.

How to begin your Running Program

Let you begin with short walks in the initial level. Divide your time between running and walking so as to derive the maximum benefits. Keep alternating your schedule in between the two and finally after 8 weeks time you should be able to run 5 kilometres non stop. If you practice your running at this stage you will be able to develop the habit of running at the fastest speed.

You need to remember that running does not mean running fast from the start till the end, rather start slowly and then slowly build up your tempo. In this way you will not be feel tired and be able to run for longer period of time.

Things to Remember for Running

One essential thing to remember is to do warm up before and after the exercise and running. This is considered to be quite important for the overall fitness of the runner and is most of the time overlooked by the runners.
When you opt for any of the running programs always keep in mind that there is nothing as one running program for all. Different runners will be requiring different running programs and so opt for the one which suits you and which you will be able to perform in a better way. The running program for the beginners is going to be different from the running program meant for the advanced runners.

Once you follow, these steps in a proper fashion you will be able to build in yourself endurance, flexibility, speed as well as strength for running. Try adding one mile in every week of your running.

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