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Running Schedule for Beginners

Beginners Running Schedule

JUN 1 2010

What is the schedule for beginners who run is one of the most common question asked by the runners who are inexperienced. Set a goal and try to achieve the goal, be realistic in setting it. Running schedule for beginners should include what they need to eat, drink as well as wear. The number of hours they have to run is important.

For the beginners who are just starting the running programme, there are a number of factors which need to be taken into consideration. The beginners should in fact be able to chalk out a complete programme for their running and try to stick to it. It is imperative that they make a goal and try to achieve that goal. Only then it is possible to become an effective.

There are a number of schedules which you can follow depending upon which one suits you the best. You need to know that such a running schedule not only prepares you physically for the run but gives you mental strength as well. This enables you to prepare for not just half marathon but also for marathon and other long distance runs.

Things to Keep in Mind

The beginners should also try to consult a doctor first before going for running exercises. This is essential as he will tell you whether you are fit enough for the run. Most important fact which needs to be remembered by the runners is that they need to begin their running schedule with a warm up exercise. This will make their body get adapted to the hard exercises which you will be doing. When you have finished running then too, you should the programme by cooling down and stretching a bit.

Listen to Your Body

There are a number of runners who don’t follow this routine and hence are known to suffer from various types of cramps. Go ahead and get your heart beat checked before running. When you start to run, make sure you are taking full and complete breaths, so that clear air enters your lungs. Getting dehydrated is the worst fear of runners and so always keep a bottle handy while running.

While running listen to the needs of your body, if you feel tired you may slow down for a while. You can take rest in between the running days. When it comes to making a schedule, be realistic. Don’t think you can walk 10 miles on the very first day. So start with 2-3 minutes run and then keep on increasing the time day by day. This way you should be able to run for around 30 minutes within just a few weeks’ time. In the initial periods it may sound to be boring, so try to have a friend with you who too runs. This will keep you motivated. If the weather is hot or humid, or too chilly winds are blowing try to do exercise indoors.

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