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Running Shoe Analysis

Analysing Running Shoes

MAY 5 2011

Analysing your foot types forms the most important decision which you need to make before you buy the running shoes. You should keep in mind that in order to run comfortably and easily you should wear the best kind of shoes meant for your feet. Thus, running shoe analysis is very essential.

Almost each runner has a different foot style and it is very essential that before you buy the running shoes you need to properly analyse your running shoe so that you buy the best which is in tandem with your feet style.

What matters the most is that you need to know that the foot is composed of cyclic movements which varies from individual to individual.

One such kind of cycle is the gait cycle which has an important role to play.

Swing and stance are the two kinds of movements of which the gait cycle is composed of. There are different kinds of phases in these two movements like the Impact phase, Support phase and the Propulsion phase.

The way your foot strikes the ground is important to be understood since this is an essential factor in knowing how fast you can run.

Running Shoes and Health:

  • An interesting finding has been that if you are wearing wrong kind of running shoes that it might play havoc with your health as well.
  • If you wear shoes without analysing your foot composition then it is likely that the running shoes might cause extra pressure on your foot resulting in various kinds of foot diseases as well as injuries and blisters also.
  • It is owing to these factors that these days minimalist shoes or barefoot running is being favoured upon by the runners world.

Wet Test for Feet:

  • Sometimes the runners also resort to various types of tests in order to analyse which kind of running shoes will be the best for them.
  • Wet test is one of the preferred test which is taken by the runners. Sometimes the runners even go to the biomechanics store in order to let him check out as to what kind of shoes he can wear and which will support him the most.
  • Through the wet test, most of the time the runners are made aware of whether they have normal foot, flat foot or high arched foot because in either of the cases there are different kind of running shoes which need to be worn.
  • These days almost every shoe manufacturer company is designing the shoes keeping in view these factors only because it is very important that the runner feels comfortable when he is running.

There are various kinds of shoes like cushioned shoes, stability and motion control running shoes. You should analyse your running shoes before you buy any of these.

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