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Running Shoe Selection Guide

Running Shoe Selection Tool

DEC 7 2011

There is no dearth of running shoes in market but genuine selection guide eases buying task. Factors like shoe quality, design and fitting to specific foot type are of primal value. They should be considered as crucial factors for the shoe selection. Equally important are factors like minute assessment of foot type before you take appropriate decision to prefer shoes or buy thereafter. Keep such aspects under consideration for better decision making.

Detailed information about various aspects related to buying running shoes make the task easy. The simple step is to take expert opinion instead of picking ordinary shoes which only cause problem on later stage. Major and minor factors play key role for selecting genuine running shoes. Most important aspect is making an assessment of foot type prior to selecting a pair of running shoes.

Running Shoes and Feet Types:

The feet shape and size are important factors, so are their structuring that play key role to guide runners choose a type. It is therefore important to understand feet classification minutely that are grouped into the following:-

  • Flat feet
  • High arches feet
  • Neutral feet

Cases of overpronators too should come into notice. Usually they tend to rolling inward due to striking of heels in walks or running. It is important to select fitting running shoes for such case. Suitable option is stable running shoes for that to get additional comfort if there is pronation case. Similar is the case for supinators for that one can prefer only flexible and cushioned shoes that ease absorbing road shock in any marathon.

Determine Foot Type: Primary step for selecting genuine running shoes is to determine foot type and query for shoes thereafter. Easy option is to consult running shoes specialty stores to discuss with experts for perfect selection. Usually the foot type analysis is done to judge the foot type and selection of shoes. Surface or treadmill runs are analysis tools for such judgments.

Other Important Assessments: Shoe selection tool is not rigid mechanism. Subjectivity of this aspect is crucial to learn and understand why special type of running shoes should be liked. Inspection of soles always matter. Check the shoe categories and correlate them with your feet type. Individual preference, your injury history, specific training needs and most importantly foot types are crucial. Specific shoes that have become popular options are:-

  • Durable and control-oriented motion control running shoes
  • Cushioned/over-built minimal and barefoot running shoes
  • Stability running shoes
  • Lightweight shoes meant for training shoes

Always measure shoe size and foot in standing position. Wear shocks and try on both shoes to check fitting. The individual factors remain crucial in selecting running shoes which ensure training and running schedules go fast-paced. Whatever type of shoes you buy replace them after 350 to 550 miles of run.

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