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Running Shoe Types

What are the Various Running Shoe Types

MAY 5 2011

Choosing running shoes is one of the toughest thing to do especially if you are a professional runner. You should be aware of running shoe types in order to choose the right kind of shoe for you. There are various types of shoes like the motion control, cushioned shoes, trail running shoes.

All the runners of the world need to be aware of the shoe types before they buy the same. There are different kinds of shoes which are available in the market today but it is very important that you should buy the shoes which fit your feet.

You need to be comfortable in your running shoes only then you can go for your run and enjoy it also.

When you go to the market you will be given different shoes of different styles and kinds. It is up to you to choose as to which one you wish you to buy.

Motion Control Running Shoes:

  • These shoes are primarily meant for those runners who have low arch.
  • These are also meant for people who are having flat feet.
  • These are said to be tough kind of shoes meant for the runners.
  • These shoes are having a number of features like they have a wide sole.
  • If you wear these shoes then surely you will be saved from severe pain and injury which otherwise is possible.

Stability Running Shoes:

  • These shoes are having various features the most important being the cushioning.
  • These shoes are said to be quite flexible also hence preferred than the motion control running shoes.
  • In terms of durability too they work well.
  • These shoes are meant for those people who have problems in motion control.
  • These shoes are having very thick heel which gives more stability to the shoes.

Cushioned Shoes:

  • These shoes too are very flexible shoes.
  • These shoes are having very soft midsoles.
  • Cushioned shoes are basically meant for those runners are having high arches.
  • They are also having thick heels which give durability and extra stability to the feet of the runners.

Light weight Trainer Shoes:

  • These are meant for those runners who are involved in fast pace running.

Racing Flats:

  • They are said to be less stable and less flexible kind of running shoes.
  • They are very light weight shoes.
  • They have very little heel.

Lightweight Hiking and Trail Shoes:

  • These are said to be very effective shoes for those runners who want to go for trail running and hiking.
  • These shoes are very durable and lightweight also.
  • They are comfortable and breathable running shoes.

When you buy the shoes lot of things matters like your foot type, biomechanics, running surface.

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