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Running Shoes Having Arch Support

The Importance of Running Shoes Having Arch Support

MAY 27 2008

Whether light or heavy, running can cause stress, pain, and even injury to a runnerís feet. Those who desire to have a regular running program for exercise or training purposes are advised to get appropriate and supportive foot gear, more specifically, running shoes.

Most often, runners are further advised to procure running shoes that have arch support.

So, what exactly is the importance of running shoes having arch support? Arch support works to prevent foot tissue inflammation (or otherwise known as plantar fascia). With plantar fascia, a runner may experience heel pain and swelling. For regular and/or addicted runners, excessive and long-standing running on a regular basis may cause and even aggravate inflammation of connective tissues on both your feetís bottom.

Without proper arch support, intolerable and intensifying heel pains and arch pains may be consequently felt. If uncared for, such pain may lessen oneís performance and ultimately debilitate a runner. A good arch support also helps avoid leg and feet cramps that arise from excessive use (or misuse) of the leg muscles.

Arch support also helps remedy overpronation. Overpronation (or commonly called flat feet) is a problem which is biomechanical in nature. This condition worsens with running. In this case, a runnerís arch gives under oneís weight and when the arch collapses, extreme pain is felt. Overpronation is also one main cause of plantar fascia. It can also lead to formation of bunions.

Runners who develop overpronation are more often flat footed. If uncared for, flat footedness will become severe and other foot parts (like the calves, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints) may suffer stress or tightening and damage. If you have flat feet, it is important for you to have running shoes that are arch -supported because if you donít, you may possibly become easily fatigued with running and experience persisting heel pains. Arch support is also recommended for runners with high and low arches. Let arch support help align your lower body and foot muscles. It also helps protect athletes and health enthusiasts from physical injuries.

A good arch support will provide flexibility and full coverage. It should be able to correct and restore the position of the arch and relieve damaging pressure that causes oneís arch to collapse. Good arch supports often come in silicone and leather, rarely in hard plastic. It has been observed that hard plastic arch and heel cups do very little in relieving and correcting feet problems.

Many sports shops sell various arch support products. They may also be procured online. They may be customized or simply bought over-the-counter. If you can afford, consult a podiatrist, orthotistm, or training expert before making your purchase.

Foot problems may be remedied by anti-inflammatory tablets, topical pain relievers, hot/cold compresses, splints, and foot casts but not all the time. Some foot problems may pose permanent health risks. Shield yourself from foot problems like plantar fascia, overpronation, heel spurs, and foot weakness. Get the right running shoes for your feet and get running shoes that provide maximum and effective arch support.

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Name: Amanda

The foot condition you are referring to is Plantar fasciitis not Plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is the band of tissue or "fascia" that connects your heel bone to your toes. If you run your fingers into the arch of your foot- you'll feel it. It feels like licorice if you have plantar fasciitis. -Amanda (Licensed Massage Therapist)

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