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Running Shoes for Distance Running

Distance Running Shoes Buying Guide

AUG 12 2008

For regular distance running, having the right kind of running shoes is of utmost importance. Distance running places great pressure on a runnerís feet. He/she must make sure that the foot gear alleviates and/or lessen as much pressure as possible.

Running in the wrong kind of sneakers will definitely cause damage on a runnerís feet. Moreover, using poor quality running shoes is very unwise.

It is advisable to spend a bit more on good quality shoes rather than purchasing poor quality shoes just so you can save some money. In the long run, the medications and treatments for damages caused by running on poor quality shoes will definitely cost you more money and injuries.

A serious runner will accurately have his feet measured and assessed. Biomechanics must also be taken into consideration. Each runner differs in arch type and feet movement. Know your arch and know how your feet move during walking and running. Normal arch runners often have a normal stride. Their kind is not picky. Most regular kind of running shoes can be worn, with regularly fitted cushions and soles.

Those who struggle with overpronation or underpronation may require a bit more. Those who overpronate or underpronate to the extreme may be advised to wear motion control shoes or stability shoes. These kinds of shoes help control excessive movement and/or encourage the right amount (and effort) of feet movement.

Those with minimal feet problems may resort to additional placement of pads, cushions, orthotics, or insoles. These help provide further stability during walks and runs. You can have such specially fitted on your running shoes. You can also easily purchase them in stores. If you dislike any inconvenience that wearing stability shoes would bring, then just use these ready made or custom fitted supports and stabilizers.

Take time in purchasing your first pair of running shoes. Many brands offer good and appropriately designed running shoes for almost all feet type. Scout for the best fit. Always wear socks when fitting shoes and make your purchase in the afternoons.

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