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Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat Feet Running Shoes Buying Guide

MAY 28 2008

Those who have flat feet should buy footwear most appropriate for their condition. If one will be taking on running as a hobby or a profession, this is of utmost importance.

Long term running on inappropriate foot gear will definitely cause unwanted physical problems and injuries.

Before buying running shoes, you need to check what kind of foot condition you have. If you are flat footed, you definitely need running shoes most appropriate for you; but you must really determine if you are actually flat footed. In flat feet, the inner (or medial) arch is low. A very easy way to diagnose this condition is to wet your feet and make a mark on a mat. If you can see almost a whole imprint of your feet, then you are most likely flat footed.

Running flat footed and without proper gear usually cause pain, strain, and undue stress. Biomechanics are also affected. Pain in your Achilles heel, calf, hamstring, and knees may be felt, as well as back pains in the lower area.

Heredity and overpronation are attributed causes of flat footedness. While in the first case, the condition is inborn; in the second, the condition is an effect. Though there may be discussions as to which is the actual cause (whether overpronation is caused by flat footedness or whether flatfootedness is caused by overpronation), they both are closely related. In overpronation, oneís feet tend to roll inwardly during walks and runs. This causes the medial arch to flatten.

Choose running shoes that have good arch support. Check for good design and built. Use good and firm orthotics and/or insoles. Orthotics greatly help in control and correct excessive pronation. Make sure to use orthotics that are firm yet still flexible and comfortable to put on. Also, donít be tempted to use a lot of padding. Too much padding will only increase foot pressure which will cause discomfort.

Orthotics can be on special order (customized) or over the counter. Many sports shops offer them as products. Quality is also important. If the cushions of your present running shoes are already worn out, you can easily have them replaced.

When making a purchase, choose a pair with good quality midsoles. Avoid those with insoles that are highly curved, such lessen stability.

Stability running shoes and motion control running shoes are specifically prescribed for overpronators and flat footed runners. Stability shoes by definition and name, help maintain stability. They help correct the condition; they help keep your feet from rolling inwards whenever you run.

Get a recommendation from knowledgeable shoe and sports shoe experts. If you can, go to a store that really sells running shoe lines. You might be able to find employees there who are runners themselves. Price may be higher for better quality running shoes but it may well be worth it. Buying poor or inappropriate running shoes will cause you health expenses in the end. So shell out the money now and save yourself from a lot more trouble.

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