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Running Shoes for Heavy Men

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Men

APR 6 2010

There are various types of shoes for overweight men available in the shoes stores. Almost all shoe companies keep the needs of heavy runners in mind as they design shoes. A number of running shoes for heavy men are available from Nike, Reebok, Asics. But you need to know your foot type before you settle for one of the pairs of shoes.

For all those runners who are overweight it is quite essential to wear shoes that fit your feet well, and that doesn’t play havoc with your weight as well. Before buying the shoes, it is essential that you go to a shoe store and need to have a gait or stride analysis. This is important to know whether your feet pronate or not.

Factors to be Kept in Mind

Beyond doubt, the manner in which heavy men will run is going to be different from the normal runners, since they ought to be carrying more weight than the normal runners. Basically heavy runners have flat feet and their entire foot touches the ground on running. It also needs to be taken into account that in the absence of the right running shoes, the heavy runners are bound to suffer from various foot problems like shin splits, shock injuries, blisters. So what you wear holds much importance.

Since heavy runners overpronate more, so they would be in need of motion control running shoes which will help to correct the over pronation of the runners. Along with that they are likely to give additional support to the heavy men who are running.

Types of Shoes for Heavy Men

If you are a neutral runner then Nike Shox TL 2 shoes can fit you the best. Apart from these, New Balance 751s/764s too can be good for your feet. These are heavy weight shoes and are very comfortable shoes. You can even opt for Asics gel- Kayano shoes. They are meant for over pronators, and are provided with well designed cushioning system so you can have a smooth ride. These shoes are also provided with a broad toe box.

New balance 991 shoes too fall in the same line with a wide cushioning in the forefoot and heel, it enables a perfect run to the heavy weight. The 330 series of running shoes from New Balance are also good shoes to wear. Some of the Reebok shoes too are well built for all those who are heavy weight.

So opt for shoes, in which you feel comfortable and find it easy to walk and run. The best way is to check the shoes at the shoe store itself. You can even opt for Brooks Trance 7 (stability shoe). You also need to keep changing your shoes after a short duration since due to heavy weight the midsole along with the cushioning may get rubbed out and hence create problems in your running.

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