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Running Shoes for Heavy Runners

Fat Runners Running Shoes

AUG 9 2008

Whether a person is overweight or not, mostly the same principles apply as to choosing the best running shoes in the market.

But running shoes for heavy runners would definitely need more features than such on running shoes for average weighing runners.

For novices or beginning runners, it is always best to seek professional advice regarding the kind of running shoes that would be best for a heavy runner. It would be good to visit a specialty shop or a shop that really sells various foot wear and accessories for athletes and sports enthusiasts. These kinds of shoe stores often hire athletes and runners so one can surely get a good advice from them while shopping for shoes. Front Runner is one of these specialized shoe stores.

You may also learn few tips from those well versed with orthotics or foot care. Doctors in these fields can accurately assess your feet conditions like foot type, foot movement, and foot problems if any.

Heavy runners often need good cushioning since weight is first and foremost, a big factor to stress. Your feet will be carrying heavy weight during running and walking so they need good shock absorbers and stress relievers. Check shoes for sufficient cushioning and support. Make sure the pair you are considering for purchase will give good stability to your joints and soles.

If overpronation is a heavy runnerís problem, motion control shoes may be prescribed. However, they are said to be discomforting. They can be unneeded as well, most specially if a heavy runner only plans to run occasionally. Professional athletes and avid runners may do well to run with motion control shoes, more so, if they often experience injuries and problems like slipping and twisting.

Brands that have specific running shoe products for the heavy runner would be Mizuno, Asics, Brooks, and New Balance.

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