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Running Shoes for Heel Strikers

Choosing Right Running Shoes for Heel Strikers

AUG 22 2008

Choosing good running shoes may not be an easy task because there are lots of things that you need to consider. Among them is the type of foot that you have and what kinds of running motion do you apply. For people who have flat foot, your feet are mostly likely to roll to far inward when they hit the ground.

Others have high rigid arch where the foot land outward when hitting the ground. There are also people that got medium arch which is the normal type because they donít tend to roll on either side.

It is important that when you buy a running shoes, you know what type of foot you have.

In order to determine what kind of foot that you have, ask someone to measure your bare foot when you are sitting and standing. Compare the two and notice the length of your foot. If there is no change then you have a high and rigid arch meaning your feet is supinate. If there is a change in the length then you are pronate. If you are in between, then you have feet that are quite normal. Shoe manufacturers take note of these foot type so they design their shoes accordingly. If you have a high arches then opt for cushion shoe. This type of shoes can give you extra cushioning for your feet so that it can absorb shock. The soles of these are curved in shape so that you can have a perfect running motion. If you are a flat footed then you need to go for shoes with motion control. These shoes are straight in shape and have a rigid mid soles that can keep your feet in its proper alignment. If you have feet that are in between, then you might opt for stability. These shoes have a semi curve shape. It is built with mid soles that are rigid allowing the feet to strike the ground naturally.

Aside from measuring, another thing that you could do is to observe your wear patterns of your shoe. You don’t need to be an expert in doing this. You just need to properly read the signs. Wear patterns can tell if you are a fore foot striker or a heel striker. When you are a fore foot striker, you are most likely to run on the ball of your foot. On the other hand, a heel strikers are those runners who land outside of their heel then roll up to push of the ball of their foot and toes. Forefoot striker usually has foot patterns that got smooth area around the ball of their feet.

When buying running shoes, you need to determine what your wear pattern is. Fore foot strikers have different needs compared to heel striker. This is because heel striker may need extra cushioning in their heels. Heel strikers usually destroy the outsole rubber and the cushioning found in the heel of the shoes. This is because heel striker land in exaggerated way. Your weight is also a factor.

Remember if you are a heel striker, you need running shoes that got thick and durable outsoles. You also need to have resilient midsole foam. The thickness of the outsole is very important so before buying running shoes make sure that it is from a brand that is reputable.

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