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Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Running Shoes Buying Guide for Plantar Fasciitis

AUG 12 2008

It is not uncommon for runners to suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. This injury often happens due to injury and abuse. In Plantar Fasciitis, the Plantar Fascia becomes inflamed.

One’s Plantar Fascia is found in his/her foot arch. It is a connective tissue that envelops muscles of your feet soles.

With Plantar Fasciitis, heel pains are often felt. Pain ranges from mildly discomforting to debilitating. Pain may occur during training, afterwards, before retiring, and after waking up the next day. It is often triggered by feet movements.

Part of the treatment for Plantar Fasciitis may include the change of foot gear. If you suffer from this, consult a specialist and get an advice on whether you are wearing the right shoes and whether there is a better pair that would help improve your condition.

Many runners opt to continue running and training in spite of this ailment. In case you suffer from this condition and would still want to train, observe moderation. Never fail to spend ample time doing stretching moves. Observe enough time for warming up and cooling down. You need to immediately rest your feet whenever pain shoots up. Else, you will worsen the problem. Besides stretching, do core strengthening reps.

Good running shoes to wear in this condition would have solid arch supports and orthotics. One recommended running shoes are called NEW BALANCE M1122. They are reputed to reduce pain and increase performance by over 50%. They are on the expensive side though. In spite of the price, chronic sufferers may do well by investing in this pair.

Another study was conducted on the effectiveness of Brooks Glycerin 3, and Asics Nimbus 6, both of which are neutral-cushioned running shoes. Actual athletes suffering from Plantar Fasciitis formed the test group. From the test, these two brands have been found to significantly lessen pressure under the feet and forefeet with Asics being more comfortable to run in.

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