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Running Shoes for the Overweight

Buying Running Shoes for the Fat

JUL 19 2008

Many take on running for various reasons. For first time runners and for those who want to begin running for weight loss, this question usually pops up, “What running shoes would be good for the overweight?” Regardless of weight though, you need to get shoes that are best fitted for you.

So what shoes will best fit the overweight? The first to consider would be one’s feet type and shape.

There are three feet types, normal, high-arched, and low-arched. Normal arched people have a normal feet curve. The high-arched would have feet that curve thinly while the low-arched would have very little feet curve.

The next thing to consider would be the kind of movement your feet takes on. There are three movement types as well, the normal, the overpronating, and the underpronating. Normal feet movement would mean normal stride and feet rolling during running and walking. Overpronating feet movement would mean excessive feet rolling during running and walking while underpronating would mean insufficient feet rolling during running and walking.

If you have a normal feet type, you probably have normal feet movement. Running shoes are not that hard to pick. You can buy regularly sold ones. You can get those with moderate cushioning and support.

If you have low arches you probably have overpronating feet. It is interesting to note that though not absolute, the overweight often fall into this category. If such is your case, you may opt to purchase motion control shoes or stability shoes. Note though, experts do not frequently recommend this. Recommendations for the use of motion control shoes are often given only to heavy overpronators and to those who are very much prone to injuries due to overpronation. Also, if you are a beginning runner, you may still opt to use regular running shoes.

With regards to underpronators, cushioned running shoes are often recommended.

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Name: Andrea

"Buying Running Shoes for the Fat"
Just as an FYI. We don't like to be called fat. Particularly "the fat". We know we are, but we prefer "overweight". Thanks!

Name: Alexandra

AGREED!!! Thank you Andrea...

Name: Grant

I'm a Fat Kid for life...I know I'm fat,names shouldn't bother you..If your so sensitive to a word,maybe you should try harder not to be fat.

Name: Jimmy

I'm not fat, I'm husky

Name: Jodi

I'm fluffy!!

Name: June

I agree that I do not like being called fat, and if we are at this site then we are obviously trying to do something about it!!! Big-boned is more my staly anyway.

Name: Josh

Grant, you say that one should try harder not to be fat. Does this mean that a retard should try less at being mentally challenged, or a midget should try less at being short? Not everyone can make the choice not to be. Yes, most have weight problems that can be controlled. Medication and medical conditions can limit ones ability to lose weight.

Name: brett

I am fat! We can call it whatever we want, but let's not miss the point of what is being said or trying to be said, because we are over sensitive. We are looking at information in regards to exercise that’s a good thing; we care about our health and the adverse effects of carrying around too much fat. All I want to know is the best pair of shoes a fat guy like me should wear when I am running. If you want to call me fat…. OK, I am. If you want to be sensitive and call me over weight… ok, but I am still just as fat, regardless of what you call me, I just want to know what shoes I should buy.

Name: Leo M. Gates

I don't care if you call me fat. Fat is what I do not want to be and Fat is why I'm looking for a running shoe. Anyway, thanks for the pointers. It looks like Saucony Pro Grid.

Name: beven my fellow fat ppl...i am 225 pounds and no i aint big bones or tall for that fact(5'8")...and i injure my ankles a lot when i go for a run...i have knee pain when i run and i have lower back pain when i run...any suggestion what shoes...between nike, asics , new balance ...and well hey did ya guys hear about the barefoot ones...are they suited for our "overwieght" kind???

Name: MCart

If I wasn't fat, I'd be annoyed if someone called me fat, but I am, so no big deal. My search string was "Running shoes for fat people" so, viola. Found what I was looking for.

Name: Jillian

Over what weight? I am the weight I am at the moment. What I really object to is the term, "morbidly obese." Unless I'm dying today or tomorrow, call me fat! Or heavy. BIG-BONED? Take your thumb and first finger and wrap them around the thinnest part of your wrist. If they overlap, you are thin-boned OR small-boned. If they touch, you are average-boned. If there is a gap, you are big-boned. That means your bones are thicker compared to their length. You may well BE big-boned, but you need to check. My fingers don't touch by more than an inch; my sister can overlap hers by more than an inch. I am big-boned, she is small-boned.

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