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Running Shorts for Women and Men

Athletic Running Shorts

OCT 8 2008

Running is one of the few sports that may not need any expensive equipment in order to do it right. All one needs is the will to get on your feet and run. When it comes to the outfit, you can literally wear anything as long as you are comfortable with it.

Runners often wear jogging pants or shorts. If you are opting for shorts then there are those designed specifically made for running activity.

Some sport may involve running as part of their training. An example of which is the game soccer. They often run in shorts that they prefer varying from length or sometimes even matching the style of an ordinary short. They sometimes even go for track and field shorts. You can really buy any shorts that maybe suitable for running however you should need to take in consideration some characteristics of a running shorts.

Ideally running shorts should give you a level of comfort when you run. It should also have a number of characteristics that you should take note. Running shorts are made from lightweight material. It needs to avoid chaffing. It should also absorb sweat and moisture from the body. Running shorts should be light and baggy. It would be suitable if it goes to the knee cap. Don’t buy something that is made from dense material because it will be harder for you to run. Avoid shorts that are black because they say darker colors tend to absorb sun radiation more than lighter colors. Dark colors can also contribute to heat as well. Opt for light and baggy shorts. Go for the once that have strings so you can adjust it. There are a lot of shorts manufacturers out there like Nike, Addidas and reebok that made different kinds of shorts suited for running. You can also find other brands like Saucony and Brooks that are really running clothes manufacturers. These companies did research and develop running shorts that can give comfort.

When buying running shorts, being fashionable is not always the first thing that you need to consider. Comfort, fabric, style and cut are the things you should watch out for. For fabric, opt for something that light and can breathe. One of which is a short made from light micro polyester and it is much finer than silk. The fiber absorbs much moisture from your body. Another fabric is a supplex nylon that has cotton like feel to it. It is wind resistant, dries quickly and durable.

There are some running shorts with small pockets where you can keep small things like keys and other stuffs. Check also if your shorts have internal lining. Look for the ones with Cool max because this can provide support and gives great airflow support. Technifine mesh is another thing that you need to consider because it has soft and light construction.

When purchasing shorts it will be best to go for specialty stores. They usually have staffs that are trained to help you in finding the right shorts. They can also give you advice on what kind of shorts you need to buy.

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